My Marketing Strategy

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.
This is your lowest hanging fruit.
Attract. Engage. Delight.  
At minimum, send a weekly email to your customers. Wholesale customers (at least mine) prefer less 1-2 x a month. We create what we call "events" or mini campaigns.  This is pretty much the funnel strategy I follow.

I work my funnel strategy around the following content ideas:

I use something called "mini events". These are simply emails that  are sent once a week. Sometimes the emails go broad to my entire list, or more niche to a segment.

For instance, if I know something like 4th of July is coming up which appeals to a broad market, I send the email to everyone. If it's something like a Harry Potter book launch, I'll go in + send it only to those have purchase from my Harry Potter inspired collection.
Note of caution: do not get stuck in the weeds. Set up four events every month, plan them out a month or two ahead of time. Don't worry about segmenting at first, just send your emails to everyone. The more you do it, patterns will emerge.
- Inform + Educate
What can I teach the customer?
For instance, I sell perfume. My customers love flowers, so I have posts dedicated to teaching them about things that interest them.

Did you know
 green roses might just be the oldest, most ancient strain of roses? 

Witnessing a moonflower in bloom is a true wonder to behold. It blooms in the middle of the night, and stays alive only long enough to enjoy the light of the moon. For those navigating dark times, this flower can be symbolic of inner growth.
Raise your hand if you're stressed! I hear you. This blog post is dedicated to seven scents that can help change your mood. Or perhaps you need a little more spice in your love life, these perfumes are known aphrodisiacs.

- Celebrity
Who's trending? Who do your customers adore? Can you somehow relate them back to your products? As you can imagine, perfume aficionados were wondering what fragrance Meghan Markle was going to wear to her wedding. 

If you're not a gammer or familiar with Twitch or Among Us, you may not recognize the name Corpse Husband. However, this guy caused quite a stampede as customers rushed to purchase a scent he nonchalantly mentioned on his channel. The term "What does corpse husband smell like" had over a million searches in a week. Also note, see what I did above? I want to be found for that exact long tail keyword. 

- Q & A
Do you get the same question frequently? Answer it in the blog post. The number one question I get, What's the difference between Eau de Toilette + Eau de Parfum

- Relevance 
When people couldn't travel because of Covid, we launched a Wanderlust collection. We featured "Virtual Vacations" in blog posts, like this one that whisked readers away to a tropical beach

Out with the old, in the with new. 
Buh-Bye 2020! ... It's been quite a year, but we're all over it. When we flipped to 2021, searches for sage sky rocketed. We created a Sage That Shit candle and a sage blog post to boot.

- Secret Sale
You can focus on a single item, a collection or even a certain time period, like a 24-48 hour flash sale. For instance, I try to nab customers before they churn. If you are one my list, an opened an email, but have not made a purchase in the last 120 days, you are in my churn segment. You'll receive my Customer Appreciation Flash Sale to try and keep you from churning. 

This segment is dynamic as it's constantly changing. Customers flow in and out automatically. Therefore it's not a ton of people. I offer a unique code with a substantial discount for 24 hours only. 

- Market Trends
What's trending that your customers that would be interested in? Is farmhouse decor having a resurgence? How can you relate your items? For my brand, maybe it would look something like launching a line of farm fresh scents or a bread bowl candle. 

These are good places to look for trend forecasting. My favorite from top to bottom. 



Don't forget local to look to industry specific trade organizations, blogs or trade shows. For instance, I have a strong affinity for Halloween, so I found that Party & Halloween trade magazine is a great resource to show what's trending at party stores across the world, way ahead of time. 

- Holidays + National Days
Speaking of fall... Is it Fall yet? I love the warm days, colorful leaves + brisk fall nights. I love the change of seasons. It's pretty easy to create content around these fun, unusual and unique National Days

Did you know today is National Iced Tea Day? 

It's easy to schedule these way in advance; or the night before or if you're anything  like me. Pull out holidays + days that are relevant to your customers and products.

National Days:

We have lots of crazy scents. We featured our Pizza soy candles on National Pizza Day + got picked up by MSN. We also do crazy ones for April Fools day, like Stinky Feet, PB+J, Cannabis (which turned into an actual scent after dozens of emails) + UFO.

Look around, I am sure you can devote an email to every holiday and find several National Days throughout the year that you can highlight for your content. Don't forget simple things like 
the month (think in terms of birthstone, x (scent, color, customer) of the month or even zodiac), the seasons, the moon, the tide, horoscopes.
- Perfume Bar / Favors / Private Label
Aside from private label, this group of customers are my one-off customers. They typically purchase for a party or event. They are what I call one and done. My cost to acquire this sale is high, so I accommodate by selling larger packages.

It doesn't make sense for me to sell a dozen custom lip balms for $30. The ROI isn't there for me. I tend to shoot for an AOV minimum of $250. Knowing this, I have to educate them before they purchase. 

What are they looking at prior to purchase? They are interested in party themes, events, styling + recipes.

After purchase I nurture them in a quick email sequence that includes: unboxing, tips for a successful event, ideas to mix, match + layer + a reminder to share images + tag us on social media #SmellWickedGood. Customer generated photos are awesome for social proof. 
- Quizes
This brings in cheap, cold leads.

This style quiz is over 5 years old -- It's generated almost 24,000 leads / just under 100 a week.

This is a hack with Wufoo + Klaviyo. Today it can be executed much better with newer tools, but I'm afraid to touch it. 
- Gamification
These are kinda kitchy, so I only tend to use them once a quarter. Where you give customers clues they can find on site or roll over to find hints. We've done an Easter egg hunt. We put a dozen on the site. The first person to find them all + submit the form won $50 Gift Card. We've done create a Pinterest board with top 10 favorites on our site. Name our new collection or product. I thought this furniture design had an interesting idea

Social Proof
Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation. The term was coined by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence, one of my personal top 10 must-read marketing books.

A quick + easy way to generate FOMO. I love this app. You may find the little pop, along with email pop ups annoying, amiright? I encourage you to test the results on your site because they work. Big time. My tiny little pop up sent me 335 clicks + generated $1107.30 in the last 30 day -- that's as close to free money as you'll ever get.

Show case your testimonials + reviews, case studies, highlight customers, pimp your awards and accolades and show off customer love, interaction and user generated content. Influencers, brand reps + affiliates fall into this category, but they are a discussion for another day. 

- Solve a Problem
Think of your target market. With every touch point + communication you want to solve a problem. Are moms your market? How can you help them? Are they stressed for time or money? Maybe they are stressed for both time and money. During the holidays, you could write a blog post 9 Stocking Stuffers for Teachers Under $20. 

- Gift Guide
A gift guide is one of the most powerful tools you can have during the holidays. It allows you to showcase your products, inspire shoppers, and stay top of mind throughout the season.

Traditionally gift guides coincide with a holiday, but that's not always necessary. We do something called "round ups". We round up a collection of like or similar things: like bath salts, boozy perfumes or even a super specific targeted gift guide like 3 scents for any Outlander fan. You'll noice this was posted in August 2018. People shop for gifts everyday. If you're a Valley Girl fan, we got you covered. 

- How To

A blogging classic, the how-to post is favorited by bloggers and readers alike. They're valuable and helpful, they make great pieces of evergreen content that stand the test of time, and they're an inbound marketing staple to reap the benefits of educating your prospects.

As a matter of fact, our that how-to style posts generate an average of 45% more views than all other types of posts on our blog.

They are boring, but people love them.

- Subscription Box
For brand owners, the primary appeal of a subscription box is the recurring revenue. Our Scent Club subscribers are our most zealous fans. They want our box and they want to be the first to get it. The same also applies to limited edition products. We combine the two in our box. 

- Listsicle
My all time, personal favorite: listicles. Listicles (lists + articles) are our most consumed type of content. They are short + sweet, easy to consume and highly relatable. If you've clicked over to BuzzFeed, you've read a listicle

- Infographics
These aren't my personal jam, but it's a good way to publish a lot of information in a bite size snack. The use of
 imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. I tend to use infographics from other people, giving them credit.

You can use canva to design an infographic yourself or check out these 12 tools to create a unique infographic. This website has a plethora of ideas.

The overall goal of creating content is to 
Grow + Build a Community. 
Humans are naturally social beings. Social media and an always connected lifestyle, humans are becoming more and more resistant to feeling left out. FOMO (fear of missing out) is becoming a real thing, and communities help to ensure we belong and don’t miss out.

Brands that build community excel. Remember, Fitbit? See another person wearing a Fitbit, and you are instantly connected with a complete stranger by simply asking, “How many steps did you take today?” 

I hope you guys find this useful. This is what I came up with off the top of my head. If I think of anything else, I'll add it here.

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