Much like the fashion industry, the fragrance industry also goes through seasons.

Each year the fashion industry predicts what will be trendy and popular in the following seasons – the same is true for fragrances. The scents that were trendy spring of 2010 will be completely different than what was popular even last year.

As people’s priorities shift, so does their taste in fragrance. Given the current circumstances, there is a strong need for more sustainable and a desire for pure, natural scents. It has become more common for both men and women to be interested in scents, meaning the need for gender neutral options has become increasingly important.

There is higher demand for more upscale, luxury scents and fragrances. Consumers desire complex scents that pique interest rather than overwhelm their senses. It has become clear that consumers desire quality and they have become more invested in making long-term buying decisions. There will be a focus on fine, rich, fruity notes and an emphasis on natural, sustainable packaging.


Fruity notes are more popular than ever. After moving past such a stressful year, the need for light and refreshing fragrances is more apparent than ever. What’s not to love about fresh, fruity scents? From Sea Island Grapefruit to Coconut Lemongrass, the combinations are endless.


Smelling fresh and clean is always in season, but the desire to remain more natural has made greenery a huge trend for spring 2021. Herbal notes such as rosemary, mint and sage have become a go to scent for men and women alike. It grounds us and makes us feel closer to nature, especially after being in quarantine for the better part of a year. Enjoy the scent of nature by trying a few of wicked good’s signature fragrances including RainforestFresh Cut Grass and Bamboo.


Light and airy scents are welcomed this year after the heaviness of the year before. These scents often offer a feeling of relaxation as they contain aquatic notes such as sea breeze and fresh dew. There is a desire to return to privacy and revel in our individualism. Wicked Good’s selection of fresh scents features Rain, Driftwood + Sea Salt and Blue Lotus.


These fragrances are typically opulent and warm. This scent profile has garnered more attention as many fragrances become unisex. Notes like leather have typically been masculine, however it has transcended that barrier and become a grounding scent for more sweet, sensual scents. Wicked Good’s collection of oriental fragrances include Vanilla OakHygge as well as Woodsmoke.

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