Cue the Oprah-in-the-bath meme.

During these — dare I say it again  strange and uncertain times, it's so important to find ways to unwind and stay calm amid all of the craziness. Lately, one of our personal favorite activities for self-care has been taking baths, not only because we have more time on our hands, but because it's a soothing experience for both the body and mind.

Add some bath salts or a muscle-relaxing soak into the mix and it gets even better. (Spa-like, some might say.) There's a variety of options to choose from, too... bath bombs, dead sea-infused salts, and colloidal oatmeal elixirs, just to name a few.

As always, Wicked Good editors were more than happy to share some of their most-loved products for our go-to bath picks. Take it from us: These skin-loving salts and soaks turn bath time into a serious treat.

Now enough chit-chat — ahead, find nine amazing options that are worth adding to your arsenal if you want to soak the stress away, and get softer skin while you're at it.

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