There was a time when the smell of alcohol in perfume, the smell of scotch or bourbon or vodka, would have been met with cold stares or even a laugh or two.

Then people realized that there was something wonderfully rich and mellow about the smell of a fine bourbon, the malted smell of peat, the gentle smell of a well-executed, high quality rum. The idea of incorporating scents of alcohol into perfume wasn’t so strange, and was eventually embraced.

For me, I associate a "boozy note" with anything in the fragrance that reminds me of rum, bourbon whiskey, scotch whiskey, gin or as such. It doesn't just smell like alcohol, it smells like a bottle of booze; and it's straight up divine. Cue the speakeasy.

Take a look at a few stand-out perfumes in the booze genre, ones that have made a particularly interesting mark by utilizing liquor notes and accords. There are many more, of course; what are some that you particularly enjoy?

Bourbon | A Glass of Malty, Dry Whiskey

Because of the way whisky is produced, woody smells and tastes are very common in bourbon. An experienced drinker of single malt will often be able to distinguish between different types of woody smells, such as cedar and pine. However, oak is the most common woody smell in whisky (for obvious reasons) and can be very satisfying.

Your Need To Try: Bourbon Tobacco

Feel the aroma of deep oakwood, smoke, and tuberose with a little bit of warm vanilla. An earthy spice with just a hint of cherry and caramel, leaving you a rich and floral note that lingers. Get the perfect balance of warm and classic with this scent.

Gin | Reminds You of A Good, Expensive Martini

Gin is pretty much just flavored vodka -- but the best kind possible. While juniper berry is the most popular and predominant flavor, other aromatics that give gin its flavor include: cumin seeds, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, citrus peels, cardamom pods, cassia bark, grains of paradise and cubeb berries.

Your Need To Try:Gin & Tonic

The simple and elegant scent of grass and pine and a tinge of bitterness with a pinch of citrusy spice. A unique alcohol, gin represents power, distinction, and freshness.

Absinthe | A Transition from Sweet to Spicy

Authentic absinthe will always have a predominate flavor of anise. Most people think of black licorice on their first taste. The anise flavor and aroma comes from anise camphor (anethole) compounds in anise and fennel, which are used in the production of authentic absinthe.

Your Need To Try: Absinthe

An earthy scent of herbs, oakwood, and smoke with a blend of star anise, fennel, and cinnamon spices. Absinthe leaves a full-body aroma of fresh green herbal notes on your body. A great liquor perfume perfect for spooky Halloween and autumn season.

Rum | Vigor and Masculinity

The smell of rum stems from its syrupy sugary heart of molasses, but its true bouquet develops from the process of ageing. White rums are colorless and their flavor is subtle and discrete. Golden rums have spent a couple of years in oak barrels, which gives them smooth savory flavor.

Your Need To Try: Baba Au Rhum

Wrapped in dark chocolate and drizzled in sweet, soft caramel. A sensual aroma of leather and oakwood with a blend of a mouthwatering sweet and syrupy goodness. The deep earthy and sugary taste comes from fermentation. With our rum perfume, show your sweet yet dark side.

Boozy Concoctions Menu:

  • Calypso Rum Cake
    Baked fresh daily in Barbados, these delicious rum cakes bring home the flavor of the islands with 20-year aged rum. 

  • Polynesian
    Discover a tropical paradise spiced run so good, you'd swear this libation was brewed and bottled in the South Seas. 

  • Vanilla Fig
    A sophisticated medley of sweet vanilla musk wrapped with ripe fig, bergamot, fresh peach, candied rum and dark amber.

  • Bourbon Pumpkin
    Toasted pumpkin, steeped in bourbon, brown sugar, maple syrup, topped with a delicious splash of vanilla creme and a cinnamon stick. This scent warms the heart and soul.

  • Spiced Cider
    A cozy concoction of aged bourbon that will have you craving cozy sweaters, warm blankets and crunchy leaves.

  • Voluptuous
    Refined citrus accord and geranium is exalted by sensual and smooth woods, bourbon, dark patchouli, black amber and cashmere musk for a fragrance of strength, individuality, and seduction. 

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