Practical Magic, the beloved novel of enchantment by Alice Hoffman. Reputed to be part of a family of witches, sisters Gillian and Sally Owens were forever outsiders in their Massachusetts town. All they wanted was to escape. Now the bonds they share will bring them back—almost as if by magic. 

Step into the enchanting world of the Owens family with a fragrance collection that's as bewitching as a midnight spell. From the lively dance of Midnight Margaritas, where citrus zest and sea salt mingle, to the haunting Blood on the Moon, imbued with dark chocolate and smoky incense, each scent is a potion unto itself.

Owens' Garden blossoms with lavender and rosemary, while Amas Veritas whispers of true love through rose petals and soft musk. Stirred with a touch of Belladonna and a sprinkle of magical herbs, this collection is an olfactory journey that captures the whimsy, romance, and mystical allure of Practical Magic.

It's more than fragrance; it's a charm for the senses, a love spell for the soul, and a touch of witchery bottled within.