What Are Dirty Sodas, and Why Is Everyone Drinking Them?

What Are Dirty Sodas, and Why Is Everyone Drinking Them?

Despite the anti-sugar fearmongering and our collective obsessions with wellness and hydration, millions of Americans still enjoy a soda every day. Among these soda enthusiasts, a growing minority is embracing "dirty sodas," a concoction that went mainstream in 2022 thanks to its viral popularity on TikTok.

Dirty soda, a combination of soda, coffee creamer, and flavored syrups, has risen from its humble origins in Utah to become a national sensation. Initially a sweet treat for those abstaining from alcohol and caffeine, dirty sodas are now a thriving business model. Swig, a popular dirty soda chain, opened its 50th outpost in the United States in 2023, with many imitators following suit. Even Sonic Drive-In launched a line-up of Dirty Drinks, allowing customers to add sweet cream and a variety of syrup flavors to their sodas.

Now, we are excited to introduce our newest fragrance, Dirty Soda, inspired by this trending drink. But first, let's delve into the world of dirty sodas.

What are Dirty Sodas?

In the mid-2010s, "dirty soda" shops began popping up across Utah. These shops offered fountain sodas spiked with cream, flavored syrups, and other add-ins, creating a drink similar to Italian sodas but with popular soft drinks like Sprite and Diet Coke. The trend quickly became a cultural staple in Utah, where many Mormons abstain from alcoholic beverages and coffee. Dirty soda shops became popular gathering spots, where people would meet after soccer practice, go on first dates, or treat themselves after a long day.

Over the years, dirty sodas became an online sensation. Brands like Swig and Sodalicious expanded their reach, opening new locations across the country. The formula for the original dirty soda is simple: a Diet Coke poured over ice, spiked with coconut syrup, lime juice, and half-and-half. Some shops use coconut-flavored coffee creamer instead, but the flavor profile remains the same. Today, there are countless combinations of cream, flavored syrups, fruit, and other add-ins, allowing for endless customization.

The TikTok Effect
TikTok played a significant role in bringing dirty sodas to the mainstream. In early 2022, Gen Z musician Olivia Rodrigo posted a photo with a cup from Utah chain Swig, sparking a viral trend. By April 2022, the hashtag #dirtysoda had over 700,000 mentions on TikTok, with creators sharing their own recipes and variations of the drink. Today, TikTok is  filled with videos of people making and enjoying their own dirty sodas.

Do Dirty Sodas Actually Taste Good?
Curious about the taste, I decided to make my own dirty soda using a bottle of Coconut Creme Coffee-Mate, a can of Dr. Pepper, and a wedge of lime. After pouring the Dr. Pepper over ice, adding a shot of creamer, and squeezing in the lime juice, I was ready to taste my creation. Despite initial concerns about the mixture curdling, a quick stir brought everything together nicely. The result was surprisingly good—the creaminess balanced the acidity of the lime, and the coconut flavor added a nostalgic, summery touch.

In fact, I love it so much, see below... 

Introducing Dirty Soda Creamer: A Scent Like No Other
Inspired by the delightful and whimsical world of dirty sodas, we are thrilled to introduce our latest fragrance: Dirty Soda. This perfume captures the essence of dirty soda, blending creamy vanilla, zesty lime, and sweet coconut notes to create a unique and irresistible scent. It's playful, nostalgic, and perfect for anyone looking to stand out with a fun and refreshing fragrance.

Why You'll Love Dirty Soda:

  • Unique and Fun: Just like the drink, this fragrance is a one-of-a-kind blend that adds a touch of whimsy to your daily routine.
  • Nostalgic Notes: The creamy vanilla and sweet coconut notes will transport you back to summer days and soda shop memories.
  • Versatile: Perfect for any occasion, Dirty Soda is a versatile scent that complements any setting.

Celebrate the dirty soda trend with our new Dirty Soda  perfume and enjoy the sweet indulgence of your favorite flavors in a whole new way. With the largest collection of ice cream and soda-inspired fragrances, there's something at Wicked Good for everyone to love. Explore our collection today and find your new favorite scent. #SmellWickedGood

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