The French company, launched its first fragrance in collaboration with perfumer Jean Amic in 1964, kickstarting the brand’s foray into perfume.

That first fragrance was crafted specifically for the chic, fashion-forward women that Yves Saint Laurent dressed. The original packaging was a bottle designed to display the contour of a woman’s head and shoulders, with its name—the letter “Y"—intended to mimic the neckline of a woman’s dress.

Since that first launch, YSL’s repertoire of carefully curated perfumes has expanded immensely, with multiple classic, compelling fragrance launches over the years. Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes were gender fluid long before the term was invented. While the scents are a unique, individualized experience, we scoured reviews (and spritzed the scents ourselves!) to dupe a list of the best, most coveted and hard-to-find discontinued YSL fragrances.