Cloud nine. Experience the exhilaration of a pastel summer sky with this dynamic fragrance collection. Discover vibrant tuberose, wild berries, and lemongrass capturing the sky's shifting hues. Sugar clouds, summer berries, and comforting vanilla form a nostalgic, candy-dream scent. Crisp pink lady apples blend into tranquil water lotus, mirroring a serene dawn. Sun-drenched peach, dew-kissed berries, and soothing florals promise a peaceful seaside retreat. Together, these scents provide an airy, uplifting summer journey.


Channeling the ever-changing colors of a summer sky, Kaleidoscope Zephyr is a vibrant blend of tuberose, tangy wild berries, and a hint of lemongrass. This dynamic scent shifts and morphs just like the colors in a kaleidoscope, offering a different experience with every inhale.

A scent journey through a candy-filled dream, where fluffy clouds of sugar meet the delightful essence of summer berries against the comforting embrace of whipped vanilla. It is more than a fragrance; it is a feeling of happiness, a memory of carefree summer days, and a moment of tranquility amidst life's hustle and bustle.

A fragrance capturing the serene essence of dawn's first light in the summer. Experience the crisp, refreshing top notes of pink lady apples, harmoniously blending into the tranquil floral heart of water lotus. The scent blossoms into a comforting base of cotton blossoms, echoing the gentle hues of a pastel, sundrenched summer sky.

You're invited on a sensory journey into a serene Mediterranean sunset. Immerse in hues of pink, yellow, and tangerine merging into tranquil azure. Enjoy the scent of sun-drenched peach and dew-kissed berries, flowing into a heart of star jasmine, tearose, and gardenia, with a soothing base of amber musk, chilled vanilla cream, and soft white woods. A promise of serene ambiance and peaceful seaside retreat.

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