Dive into the charming + enchanting world of our Fairy Garden collection, a truly magical olfactory journey crafted with love + whimsy. Breathe in the allure of secret meadows dappled with morning dew, of forest glades humming with the whisper of fairy wings, of nocturnal blooms glowing under the mystical moonlight.

Each fragrance in this collection is an intimate rendezvous with nature, intertwined with a sprinkle of fairy magic. So, close your eyes and allow us to guide you across the fragrant bridge from the mortal realm to the enchanted gardens of the fairy folk, where every breath is a new story waiting to be told.


This scent celebrates the untamed joy of a fairy rain dance. Top notes of fresh ozone and white gardenia petals set the scene, taking you wildflower field in the heart of a gentle rain shower. The heart introduces a blend of sweet apple water and wild bamboo, capturing the raw beauty of nature being nourished by the rainfall. As the scent dries down, the base of white woods reveals itself, grounding the perfume with the comforting aroma of a lush, tropical wildflower garden. after a refreshing summer rain.


An ode to the fairy's favourite feast; a delicious concoction of summer fruits and blooming flowers. The scent opens with a juicy burst of apple juice and sweet mulberriesblackcurrants and tart cranberries. The heart unveils a sumptuous blend of honeyed orange blossoms, evoking the intoxicating scent of nectar being gathered in the twilight. As the fragrance settles, it reveals a base of creamy vanilla spun sugar and tonka bean, encapsulating the satisfying sweetness of a fairy's banquet.

As you step onto the verdant path, fresh, invigorating top notes of rosemary guide you, embodying the bracing vitality of a forest at dawn. As you delve deeper, the comforting heart of soothing lavender and fresh cypress unfurls, reflecting the serene sanctuary of the woodland clearing. Cedar adds a sense of depth and nostalgia to the heart, recalling countless stories whispered amongst the ancient trees. A touch of patchouli enriches the botanical chorus, hinting at the unseen magic that dances in the dappled sunlight. As the fragrance settles, a base of cashmere woods envelopes you, capturing the warmth and security of the forest's timeless embrace. This fragrance is an invitation to uncover the mystical tranquility and lush beauty of a fairy garden, hidden deep within the woodland realm.