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7 Love Spells That Actually Work

7 Love Spells That Actually Work


Everyone needs a little magic! 

Never underestimate the power of scent. We all want things to go our way, and damnit, why shouldn't they?

Continuing in the spirit of their enchanting universe, Wicked Good presents a collection of seven magic fragrances: transformative illusions, dedicated to making the impossible, possible. 

Each fragrance is a masterful composite, blending raw and natural materials with innovative accords. They are a touch of magic!

Move over, Pamela. Out of the way, Drew. There's a new kitten in town, and she's packing the potion to get her love life in motion.

Just a few drops of our naughty love potions will turn a mere mortal into the ultimate man magnet. 

You want it bad! But, alas, it's nowhere to be found. If you've been looking for lovin' in all the wrong places, but all you're finding are the same old faces, cast this spell to help conjure up your very own big bad voodoo daddy.

The aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg; rounded out with buttery vanilla notes.


Everyone wants it...No one has enough of it! Cast this magical spell and you're on you're way to spending bliss. Nothing's better than cold hard cash in your hot little hands.

Smell the cotton of the money, as well as the fresh ink top notes. How are you going to spend it all?

You've batted your lashes and flipped your hair, but it hasn't gotten you anywhere. You've tried to be sexy, you've tried to be coy, but nothing seems to get through to his boy. What's a smitten girl to do? Cast this spell - he'll be after you.

Fresh citrus notes of orang, lemon and lime sparkle with effervescent highlights as they give way to a luscious blend of acai and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance. This spell is most powerful when performed on a Friday night.

It's over. History. There's no going back. He's moved on, but your heart's on hold. A pair of old boxers are all that remain. He's out of the picture, but you're still in pain. Though you realize that he is gone, you need help moving on. This is the spell that you should cast to leave your heartbreak in the past.

A simple, yet effective cleansing blend. The minty, lavender aroma lingers with a buttercream top note.

They say some day your prince will come, but this is ridiculous! If you're hating the waiting, and your patience is wearing thin, cast this spell to reel him in.

A powerful powdery floral rose with soft petals of peony and warm undertones of sandalwood.

Does your relationship have more ups and downs than Cher's career? Do you make Pamela and Tommy seem like Ozzie and Harriet? If your love is more work than play, cast this spell to smooth the way.

Smooth the bumps with this warm, woodsy Egyptian musk and enchanting patchouli spiced with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon, orange blossom, and hints of anise.

Has yet another evening with the senator and a polaroid left you less than fulfilled? Is a quickie on the tour bus not what it used to be? Do you long for candlelight instead of candlewax? Handholding instead of handcuffs? Well, it looks like you're finally ready to invite true love into your life.

Try this rich, classic vanilla enhanced with top notes of lemon, a floral midsection, and sweet musk that lingers for an irresistible impression.

Cast this spell to bring out your inner bombshell.

A lush bouquet of green florals and spicy carnation veil a base of sensual musks and sheer patchouli to create this romantic, feminine fragrance. You'll be the catnip and he'll be one smitten kitten!

Would your man rather have a root canal than discuss your "future"? Do weddings make him comatose? Does he cringe every time you pass a jewelry store? Help him lose those ball-and-chain blues, cast this spell to get to the "I do's."

Mystical cactus flower and clementine, blackberry, and vanilla orchid bond with pimento and white hot amber. Irresistible.

That ho! Who does she think she is? Is some skank meddling with your man? Here's a non-violent way to 86 her from your love life, and redirect his wandering eye to where it belongs - on you!

This scent combines man and woman with one provocative scent. This clean, refreshing fragrance has notes of bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, amber, and green tea.

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7 Love Spells That Actually Work | Wicked Good