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Fiery Dreams: The Full Snow Moon In Leo

The weather outside is frightful, though the full moon in Leo will is looking pretty delightful. 

If you're daring enough to venture into the chilly outdoors, we have all the info you need to make the most of the moon's magic. But if snuggling up inside is more your style, no need to worry - we've got you covered on the astrological side, with all the details on how the Full Snow Moon is affecting us, and what the celestial stars are up to this month.

The 2023 Snow Moon in Leo brings a mix of transformative and reflective energies to all zodiac signs. This full moon highlights the fixed fire sign of Leo, known for its love of attention and creative self-expression.

This is a time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the things that make you unique. With the moon in Leo, you may feel a strong desire to be acknowledged and appreciated for your gifts and talents. Ignite your fiery dreams.

The moon's position in Aquarius and the square to Uranus in Taurus can bring challenges and resistance to stepping into the limelight. This is a reminder to trust your own inner strength and to celebrate yourself, regardless of external validation.

For all zodiac signs, the Snow Moon in Leo is a time for reflection and self-discovery. Take a moment to examine what you value and what makes you happy, and use this energy to make changes that align with your true self. Whether you need to let go of limiting beliefs, or make bold moves to pursue your passions, this full moon will provide the energy and inspiration you need to take action.

What is a Snow Moon?
A Snow Moon is a traditional name given to the full moon that occurs in the month of February, usually associated with heavy snowfall in many regions. The name symbolizes the harsh winter weather and the challenges it brings, including limited access to food and other resources.

According to the trusty Farmer’s Almanac, the enchanting "Snow Moon" illuminates the night sky in February, gifted to us by the Dakota who sometimes also refer to it as the mischievous "Raccoon Moon".

Other names for the Snow Moon include "Bear Moon" because this is the time of year when bears typically give birth, while others named it the Storm Moon. It's also known as the "Hunger Moon" due to the scarce food sources and hard hunting conditions during mid-winter. 

In some indigenous cultures, the Snow Moon was also seen as a time for rest and rejuvenation, as well as a time to prepare for the spring season to come. The full Snow Moon is considered a powerful time for introspection and personal growth, as well as an opportunity to let go of old habits and embrace change. It is also seen as a symbol of resilience and strength, reminding us that we have the power to endure and overcome even the harshest of circumstances.

When Is The February 2023 Full Snow Moon?
On February 5th at 1:28 p.m. (EST), the full moon — or, the "Full Snow Moon," but more on that in a moment — will culminate. The Snow Moon will glow in the sky and light up the fixed fire sign of Leo like a beacon of hope. The sun, ruler of Leo, may be feeling a bit lackluster in Aquarius, but don't let that dampen your spark! The challenge of a square from Uranus in Taurus may make it tempting to hide in the shadows, but this is the time to let your light shine. Show the world your unique gifts, be bold and take the stage.

Your Leo-ruled house in your birth chart is the place to be for all the recognition you crave. It may be hard to resist seeking validation from others, but true satisfaction comes from within. So go ahead and let your voice ring out, dance in the moonlight and bask in your own glory! Celebrate yourself with joy and fanfare, even if there's not an audience clapping along. After all, the best kind of applause comes from within.

What is the astrological meaning of a full moon in Leo?
A full moon in Leo is associated with the need for self-expression, attention, and recognition. It highlights the themes of the Leo zodiac sign, such as creative self-expression, individuality, and pride. This full moon can bring attention to the balance between being true to oneself and seeking validation from others. It may also bring up issues related to self-esteem, confidence, and personal power. This full moon can be a time to celebrate one's unique talents and gifts, while also acknowledging the importance of inner validation.

If we don’t make the change — the universe will for us without our hands guiding the course. Let go or be dragged.

When's the next full moon?
Hold on to your hats, the next full moon is on March 7, 2023, taking place in the neat and tidy sign of Virgo. This moon will have you feeling extra motivated to get your life in order and things perfectly in place. And hey, there's nothing wrong with a little structure. But before that, savor the thrill of shaking up your daily routine with sudden bouts of excitement. After all, it's high time for some adventure!

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