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Selenite: Meaning, Healing Properties, + Powers

Also referred to as "liquid light" among crystal connoisseurs, selenite is a white or clear stone known for its powerful healing and energizing properties.

In ancient Mesopotamia, selenite was considered a symbol of clarity, purity, and divine connections. It's been said that Cleopatra herself cherished the crystal, believing it held the power of beauty and youth.

Medieval witches and shamans used selenite wands as tools for divination, feeling that the stone could foresee the future or reveal secrets from the past.

It is said that selenite lamps can capture the moon's glow during a full moon, illuminating spaces with the ethereal glow of moonbeams even when the skies are cloudy. Whether it's a tale from an old sailor who believed that holding a piece of selenite would guide them safely through foggy nights, or a priestess who used the crystal to commune with lunar deities, the allure of selenite spans across cultures and epochs.

The Ethereal Glow of Selenite Through The Ages

There’s something mystical about moonlit nights. The ethereal glow that lights up the world in a silvery hue. Imagine if you could hold that magic in your hands? Enter Selenite, the crystal that's as radiant as the moon herself.

But what does this name “Selenite” mean? And why does it seem to be the rockstar of the crystal world? Let’s embark on a whimsical journey through time, uncovering tales, beliefs, and of course, the magic of Selenite.

A Goddess, A Moon, and A Stone

The name 'Selenite' is derived from the Greek word ‘Selēnē’, the goddess of the moon. With her chariot of moonbeam-white horses, Selene would dance across the night sky, casting a silvery glow onto the Earth. The resemblance between the soft, glowing energy of the moon and selenite is uncanny. Both share an ethereal charm, a gentle allure. When you gaze at a piece of selenite, you can’t help but think it might have been chiseled out straight from the moon.

Throughout history, various civilizations recognized this moon-like quality of selenite. Tales of old narrate of moon priestesses using selenite wands during their lunar ceremonies. And while you might not be performing any moonlit rituals anytime soon (or maybe you are, no judgment here), you can certainly harness the moon energy encapsulated within selenite.

Lending a Hand to the Pharaohs

Our journey doesn’t stop at the moonlit groves of ancient Greece. Pack your bags; we’re heading to Egypt. The land of the pharaohs also had a soft spot for selenite. Buried with pharaohs, this crystal was believed to guide them in their afterlife. And let’s be real, if it’s good enough for the pharaohs, it's good enough for us.

A Pillar of Support for Empaths

There’s a reason why empaths and intuitive souls feel drawn to selenite. With the chaos and overwhelming energy of today's world, selenite acts as a grounding force. Just like a steady hand guiding you through a crowd, it ensures you’re not swayed by the surrounding tumult.

A Date with the Angels

Ever wanted to RSVP to a celestial soirée? With selenite, you just might get that invite. Known to open up channels to other realms, it’s your VIP pass to communicate with angels, spirit guides, and other ethereal beings. While we can’t guarantee an angelic karaoke session, we can promise a deeper spiritual connection.

Your Crystal BFF

Think of selenite as that friend who’s always got hand sanitizer, always ready to cleanse and purify. Not only can selenite give your other crystals a deep spiritual spa day, but it also clears out negative energy from spaces. Talk about a multi-tasker.

Sleeping with Selenite: Dreamy

Having trouble catching those Z’s? Why not invite selenite to your sleepover? Placed under the pillow or by your bedside, it's like a lullaby for your soul, ensuring sweet dreams and a restful night.

The Feminine Divine

With its connections to the moon goddess Selene, it’s no surprise that selenite resonates with the energy of the Divine Feminine. Selenite empowers, heals, and awakens the goddess energy within all of us, regardless of gender.


Whether you’re a seasoned crystal guru or a newbie just venturing into the ethereal world of stones, selenite is undeniably a celestial gift to be treasured. From cleansing our aura to whispering ancient moon tales, this gem is a delightful journey in itself. The adventures you’ll embark on with this luminous crystal are limitless. Whether you're seeking healing, looking to communicate with other realms, or simply desiring a little moon magic in your life, selenite is your go-to gem.

Let’s let selenite dance its gentle lunar ballet in our lives, cleansing, charging, and whispering tales of moonlit nights and divine energies. The next time you gaze upon the moon, remember – a little bit of that very essence may just be resting in the palm of your hand, in the form of a selenite crystal. 

The next time you hold a piece of selenite, remember the tales, the history, and the magic. Let it transport you to moonlit nights and ancient tales. Embrace its ethereal energy and let the adventures begin.

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