Scented Horoscopes February 2021

Scented Horoscopes February 2021

Your 11th house of friendships, long-term goals, and social causes is being lit up by Venus entering Aquarius this month. Venus is initiating beauty, harmony and attraction to this area of life for you. You will encounter potent energy with a focus on social and community engagement this month. This is a good time to get together and create something with like-minded people from all walks of life.

Create charming, seductive, and flirtatious moments that your whole crew will be drawn to with Bombshell fragrance sprays and roll-ons for ongoing harmony all month long.

Your 10th house of career, status and public recognition is prompting you to be innovative this month. The planet Venus is in the sign of Aquarius making you attractive to influential people and career opportunities. This is a good time to build upon and enhance your business relationships.

Charmed helps you re-imagine your beauty ritual and raise your scent vibration from ordinary to addicting while creating a sweet experience as you build your legacy.

Your 9th house in Aquarius is welcoming the planet, Venus, making your wisdom, knowledge and life experience attractive to others this month. There will be robust circumstances to share what you know with the public at large and it is well-accepted. This is the month to teach and broadcast your knowledge.

Cherie is an enchanting scent with dark berries and vibrant, sweet peppermint. The aroma boosts your confidence attracting people who are ready to hear your wise words.

As Venus enters Aquarius in your 8th house, it is calling attention to your cherished relationships and linked resources this month asking you to keep them in balance. You are harmonized to attract funds and means to yourself and your close relationships. Confidently and gracefully receive others who are wanting to invest in you or who want to collaborate in ways that grow your resources.

Coquette helps boost your seduction power with sweet earthy aromas including berries, flowers and vanilla all working together to bond close beneficial connections with others.

This month you’ll see results when you work to get things done together with your romantic or business partners. One-to-one collaboration with others outside of your relationships will be beneficial as well. Venus is in Aquarius in your 7th house this month bringing a lot of vitality to this area of life that also includes your contractual obligations and open enemies. This is a good time to settle any civil cases or legal matters.

A distinctly, more balanced solution is here to harmonize any one-to-one coupling- Cupid’s Arrow Perfume.

Your 6th house of daily routines, work and health will be intensely felt this month and throughout this social Aquarius season. Venus is in this area harmonizing connections with co-workers and employees. You are attracting group work projects this month. Group fitness classes are also good for you this month.

Spritz and spray Haute Pink. This clean, consciously crafted fragrance will envelop you in an aroma that is distinct and intoxicating as you cross off the tasks on your to-do list each day.

As Venus enters Aquarius in your 5th house of love, fun and small business, you are desiring comfort and to enjoy all things beautiful and sensual. You can look forward to having a lot of fun with friends or attending social outings. Don’t turn away invites to experience entertainment and pleasure this month.

II.XIV. is sensuality and fantasy in a bottle, including mood-boosting aromas that’ll attract all the fun and romance vibes all month long.

This month Venus enters Aquarius bringing in lots of vibrancy and spirit to your home and sparking nostalgic thoughts while residing in the 4th house. You are attracting stability, safety and compatibility with your family and within your private life. This is a good time to decorate and beautify your living space or have family get-togethers if it feels right to you.

Imagination makes the possibilities limitless. Love Perfume brings it into reality in a style that is chic and energetic.

Communication, learning and teaching are being filtered through the love and abundance planet, Venus in the sign of Aquarius. This is occurring in your 3rd house making it a good time to write a book or a blog. You can begin a podcast. Learn, teach and share information through social media or other crowd platforms because Venus is making you magnetic in this sector.

Not just a basic love potion. Love Potion No. 10 is a leveled-up fragrance that is seductive and fruity making people want to absorb the knowledge you have to share all month long.

This is the month to grind and hustle. Venus has entered Aquarius and is putting a spotlight on your 2nd house of earned income and values. You are attracting opportunities, enticing you to earn more and uplift your self-esteem. Partnerships or linking up with others can boost income or initiate long-term financially beneficial relationships.

You work hard. Really hard. And Red Roses keeps the momentum going in a sweet and uplifting, empowering scent.

You are attractive to people and opportunities because Venus has moved into your sign this month. This is taking place in your 1st house of personality and physical appearance. Applying the effort and really showing up in your everyday life can captivate a lot of favorable circumstances in all areas of life.

Always and Forever is the spritz you didn’t know you needed. Its earth-friendly and smoldering fragrance is an abundance magnet that’s designed to enhance your aura and Venus’s attraction power.

Venus is transiting your 12th house in the sign of Aquarius, which represents solidarity, creativity, and the subconscious. This is a good time to launch a project you’ve been working on in private and share it with the public. Venus is pulling in praise and admiration towards the progressive work you’ve been putting into yourself and/or your creative projects.

You’ve been working on making your dreams a reality. Why don’t you invite them to manifest purely and passionately with Rose Rogue Perfume?

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