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13 Best Perfume Trends We'll Be Smelling All 2024

Make 2024 your best-smelling year yet.

As we step into the New Year, it’s not just about swapping calendars but also refreshing our sensory wardrobe. Yes, we're talking beyond the realm of skincare revolutions and hair transformations straight into the essence of our very being - our signature scent.

2023 was a fragrant rollercoaster with hits like Phlur’s Father Figure, Kayali’s Pistachio Yum, and Wicked Good's Lemonilla but hold onto your scent strips, folks, because 2024 is gearing up to be an olfactory odyssey unlike any other. Brace yourself for groundbreaking launches that promise to redefine our scentual experiences, from innovative perfume preservation techniques to avant-garde aromatic blends.

Without further ado, let’s dive nose-first into the aromatic trends that will shape your essence in 2024, curated by the fragrance world's avant-garde - the scent savants and the aroma aficionados.

Gone are the days of heady, saccharine fruit scents that linger like an unwelcome guest. The new fruity paradigm is sophisticated, subtle, and oh-so-sexy. Imagine the fruit not as the loud partygoer but as the intriguing stranger with a mysterious smile.

Chriselle Lim of Phlur introduces us to this chic evolution with Strawberry Letter, a concoction that whispers strawberry into a room before wrapping you in a warm hug of amber and tonka bean. Meanwhile, Cherry + Griotte inspired by Tom Ford's Lost Cherry offers a not-so-subtle flirtation between cherry, rose, and a daring touch of roasted tonka. For those seeking a whisper of sweetness, Ginger Peach melds spicy ginger with the softest peach caress.

We love holiday fragrances to be as warm and inviting as a sun-drenched getaway, seamlessly blended into a luxurious mix of white florals, zesty citrus, and smooth vanilla. The year 2023 marked the evolution of beachy aromas from the overly sweet scent of sunscreen to a more refined tropical elegance, creating a longing for endless summer days to return. And for 2024, more beachy, bright scents are in the forecast. We adore: Coconut Tuberose, it's the perfect blend of bright and sunny warmth that reminds us of an easy, breezy day spent at the beach. Orchid + Sun on the other hand is a fresh and beaming, like a sunlit garden waiting to be discovered. 

Prepare for a floral revolution that takes “flower power” to electrifying new heights. Neon florals are the bold, brash siblings of the classic bouquet, infusing traditional sweetness with a tangy zest. Nick Gilbert of Eau de Boujee illuminates this trend with fragrances that mix Victorian elegance with a psychedelic twist, revolutionizing how we perceive floral notes. Neon Rose is fiery, quirky, expressive, and unexpected. It's a super-clean, super-bright, super-floral that glows like the brightest neon on a dark night. 

As we’ve become more attuned to the therapeutic virtues of aromatherapy, the fragrance industry is not far behind, crafting scents that don’t just smell good but feel good.

Wicked Good points us towards perfumes laced with a variety of elements from calming to uplifting, leading the charge in wellness fragrances. From mood-enhancing concoctions to the tranquil blends for sleep, these wellness scents promise serenity with every spritz.

Anastasia Gostieva, known as the Scent Guide, forecasts a refreshing shift towards crisp, clean, and zesty perfumes, sweeping away the cloying sweetness of yesteryears. This new wave of scents, epitomized by the likes of Goldfield & Banks and Arquiste, promises to invigorate and uplift. Here at Wicked Good, Lemonilla was the defining the scent of winter 2024; and we predict the trend is going to continue well into 2024. 

In 2023, vegetal scents such as carrot and beetroot made a significant impact, and the momentum behind this trend shows no signs of waning. The green revolution is not just for your plate but your perfume palette too. 2024 sees a deep dive into the heart of nature with scents that celebrate the earth’s verdancy. From the raw, untamed essence of tomato leaf and cactus to the sophisticated blends of herbs and florals, Nick Gilbert and his aromatic arsenal guide us through these lush landscapes. 

Gourmand fragrances are back, big time. Inspired by sweet treats and using notes like vanilla, caramel and luscious fruits, continue to be incredibly popular. The sweet, edible allure of gourmand fragrances gets a gastronomic twist, moving beyond vanilla and chocolate to explore the uncharted territories of culinary delights. Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato 33 Eau de Parfum was everywhere in 2023; and it's still going strong.

Anastasia Gostieva ignites our olfactory curiosity with fragrances that draw inspiration from international treats, ranging from Chupa Chups to boba tea. Meanwhile, Eudora Nwasike suggests a sophisticated blend that weaves together spicy and woody elements with classic sweetness.

At Wicked Good, this trend is mirrored with our virtual Candy Shop collection leading the charge. Favorites include the tangy Starburst, the subtly sweet Gummy Bears, and the nostalgic Bubble Gum fragrances, with Juicy Fruits, inspired by the iconic gum, emerging as our top pick.

Lactones, a group of organic compounds discovered in fruits, possess a creamy fragrance. This aroma becomes distinctly milky when combined with vanilla. The term "lactonic" is derived from "lac," the Latin word for milk.

Additionally, ingredients like sandalwood contribute a creamy, smooth, and sweet character that enhances the milky essence in fragrance blends. As we move into 2024, we're poised to witness a significant surge in the popularity of these fragrances, as more individuals gravitate towards scents that offer a comforting, nourishing, and inherently natural olfactory experience. 

We can not get enough of White Latte, inspired by Bianco Latte this fragrance is a gorgeous gourmand that's simply divine. 

The timeless allure of amber undergoes a contemporary transformation, blending its warm, resinous base with new-age notes that evoke the salty kiss of the sea. This modern interpretation of amber promises a more intimate and personalized scent experience.

While the allure of a signature fragrance remains, the notion of being confined to a single scent for every occasion and emotion is less appealing. We yearn for a spectrum of fragrances, often layering them to create a personalized aroma that reflects our distinct identity. According to the WGSN Beauty Trends for 2024 & Beyond report, "Fragrance is on the cusp of a transformative era, emerging as a powerful tool for personal storytelling, capable of articulating individual emotions, style, principles, and cultural heritage."

Light and ethereal, these scents softly caress the skin, providing a delicate fragrance that isn't overwhelming and embodies your natural essence. Echoing the concept of tints and "your skin but better" makeup and skincare products, second-skin fragrances aim to enhance your natural body chemistry, revealing a subtle, authentic scent.

In the midst of a surge in bold, assertive fragrances, a noticeable trend towards softer, more intimate scents is emerging—scents that amplify the skin's own aroma. "Sparked by TikTok and the #pheromoneperfume hashtag, the demand for scents that replicate the natural smell of skin is establishing itself as a enduring trend. 'Un-scents' are becoming beloved for their capacity to provide comfort, familiarity, and intimacy, with notes of sensual musk, delicate cashmeran, and warm amber being pivotal," The Perfume Shop points out. "The unique aspect of these perfumes is their ability to morph and present a unique fragrance on each wearer," they add.

Initiated by Escentric Molecules and propelled into the limelight by brands such as Glossier, Replica, and Phlur, the intrigue with soft, welcoming, and barely-there scents envelops the wearer in an intimate sense of warmth. These almost invisible fragrances, reminiscent of a sheer veil on the skin, continue to attract a dedicated fan base. Elevating this trend, our monthly subscription, the Scent Club, is dedicating all of this month's fragrances to this movement. 

Ashley Boyce, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Noteworthy, predicts an upswing in the use of honey as a key ingredient, attributing this trend to several factors. Our consumer insights reveal an increasing fondness for gourmand fragrances, within which honey seamlessly blends, enhancing the category with its delightful, sweet aroma.

Lastly, the humble iris steps out of the shadows of antiquity into the spotlight of modern perfumery. Once relegated to the powdery corners of nostalgia, iris is now celebrated in creations that balance its delicate floral notes with unexpected partners, offering a fragrance that is both timeless and thoroughly modern.

Oud, a long-cherished fragrance staple in Middle Eastern cultures, has recently begun to captivate the Western world. Known for its bold, rich, and complex aroma—resinous, earthy, smoky, and with hints of sensuality and wild spirit—oud is carving out a significant niche. "There's been a noticeable uptick in the inclusion of oud notes," states Natalia Ortiz, Chief Commercial Officer at The Fragrance Shop. Despite its robust character, oud's adaptability is evident in the diverse array of compositions and scent combinations available, appealing to those seeking either an intoxicatingly strong fragrance or a subtler touch.

Guerlain, for instance, has launched an entire collection dedicated to this ingredient, the Shades of Oud series, with variations like Oud Nude, Cherry Oud, and Oud Khôl, exploring its versatile nature. Kilian took its beloved sweet scent, Love Don't Be Shy, rumored to be a favorite of Rihanna, and introduced an Amber & Oud twist. Meanwhile, Tom Ford's Oud Wood has climbed the ranks to become a top seller at Look Fantastic. Additionally, the fragrance powerhouse Maison Francis Kurkdjian, creator of the iconic Baccarat Rouge, has endorsed oud through Oud Satin Mood, which has quickly garnered a dedicated following. The ascent of oud is a testament to its enduring allure and newfound versatility in the fragrance landscape.

As we sail through the aromatic waves of 2024, these emerging trends reveal a future where fragrance transcends mere adornment to become a vital medium of self-expression and emotional resonance.

“Generation Z is breaking away from the conventional path of single, signature fragrances, gravitating towards niche perfume labels to craft a personalized scent symphony through the art of layering,” concur the visionaries at The PR Studio 24 Trends report. This movement has sparked a viral sensation on TikTok, where #perfumelayering has amassed over 90 million views, with enthusiasts eagerly sharing their top scent combinations.

Gear up for a scent-filled journey destined to enchant, calm, and energize your spirit in unimaginable ways.

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