Perfume Layering 101: How to Create a Truly Signature Scent

Perfume Layering 101: How to Create A Truly Signature Scent

We're expert mixologists and mood setters sharing our love for blissful fragrance and wellness. Our artisan fragrances work together to help you relax and release for better mind, body, and spirit. 

You are unique, so why shouldn’t your fragrance be, too? Although, we have a very unique library of fragrance library of over 275 scents, that should stop you from creating your very own 

bespoke blend. Designed to be blended and layered by the one person who knows you

When it comes to fragrance, we have a confession - we're greedy. At Wicked Good, we believe two scents are always better than one. We also like to stand out from the crowd, and in our book bespoke is always best.  When you combine fragrances, you create a scent that is totally unique, one you can claim to be your true signature scent.

Through Perfume Layering, we encourage you to layer scents together, whether that's a spritz of one cologne followed by a spritz of a second, or applying a body lotion in one scent and then layering it with a perfume in a totally different scent on top. It's a make-a-good-thing-great approach.

With Perfume Layering switching allegiance and pairing together different scents is actively encouraged. So for those of you that may believe you're happily settled with 'the one' what's to say you won't fall in love all over again should you decide to spice things up with some new company? It's just knowing how…


The Basics

Perfume Layering is part of the Wicked Good philosophy. To put it simply, it revolves around fragrance layering – using more than one scent (be it a cologne, body wash or body cream) to help you to find a combination that is uniquely yours. Think of it like having a wardrobe of fragrances and building up an outfit that reflects your style and personality. After all, our moods fluctuate, the seasons change, our style evolves; why can’t our fragrance be as unique as we are?

So, take one fragrance, say Citron Fig, and wear it simultaneously with Cedar Lodge f or a fresh and fruity sensuous fragrance enwrapped with a woody warmth. Voilà, you’re Perfume Layering. 

In Practice

When it comes to the how-to, rest assured, you can't go wrong. There are no complicated instructions to follow. The key is to have fun, playing and experimenting. There's no limit to how many fragrances you might want to combine. One, three, six - go wild! If you like it, it works. No explanation necessary.

Give Me One Good Reason…

All our fragrances have been developed to be worn alone or layered with another. We are proud that our scents boast true clarity with fewer - and higher-quality - ingredients than most.  Perfumes with fewer ingredients, the scents are sharper. It means you can combine and create something that is both bespoke and distinct.

Perfume Layering makes a statement; it keeps people guessing. It’s a way to keep your signature scent entirely personal, after all who wants to smell like everyone else?

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