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Is there a right perfume for each season?

Is there a right perfume for each season? That's a question we often receive at Wicked Good.

Some perfumes are inspired by the atmosphere of a particular season, like By the Fireplace evoking a cozy winter evening by the fireplace and Bondi Beach taking you to a sunny summer day by the sea.

Whether you stick to one signature scent all year round or switch it up with the seasons is a personal choice. However, some scent notes tend to complement the atmosphere of a particular season better than others.

Just as you may opt for hot chocolate in winter and iced tea in summer, your fragrance choices can follow suit. Fresh scents are appealing in the heat of summer, while enveloping, warm fragrances are desirable in winter. The key factor is temperature, as the winter in Chicago is not the same as in Key West.

When summer arrives, go for citrus and aquatic scents to refresh like a cool lemonade on the beach. On chilly winter days, choose ambery, powdery, spicy, and gourmand scents for the comfort of hot tea in bed.

Spring and fall are transitional seasons, but they still evoke the changing of nature. Floral, green, fruity, and aromatic scents match the feeling of rebirth and sunny days in spring, while woody and fougere scents reflect the end of the cycle in autumn. Musky and gourmand notes can also provide a comforting touch during the shift from one season to another.

It's essential to remember that these are not strict rules, but rather trends. Don't hesitate to wear your sultry, ambery fragrance even on hot summer days. You may use less in the heat, but once the sun sets, it's time for a fragrance refresh.

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