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The Ultimate Guide to Moon Water

The Moon is widely acknowledged as a powerful force in astrology, witchcraft, and mysticism. As one of the two shining lights in the sky along with the Sun, it is considered a highly effective tool for manifestation and magic.

Moon water, also known as lunar water, is a magical and mystical elixir that has been used for centuries in various cultures and traditions. This enchanted water is created by infusing regular water with the energy and vibrations of the moon. It is believed that the moon's energy has a powerful impact on our emotions, desires, and spiritual well-being.

How to Make Moon Water
To create moon water, you will need a clear glass container, water, and a place to store the water that is protected from light. Fill your container with water and place it outside during a full moon. Allow the moonlight to shine directly on the water for a minimum of two hours. As the water absorbs the moon's energy, you can set an intention for what you want the moon water to be used for. This can be for anything from boosting your spiritual well-being to improving your skin.

How Does Moon Water Work?
Moon water is believed to work through the concept of lunar energy and intention setting. According to the belief, the energy of the moon influences the energy of the water, and by charging the water with intention and moonlight, you can imbue it with specific properties and energies.

When you drink moon water or use it in rituals or spells, you are said to be tapping into the power of the moon, amplifying your manifestation and increasing the effectiveness of your intentions.

Moon Water Benefits
Moon water is believed to have various benefits, including:

  1. Spiritual Enhancement: The energy of the moon is believed to have a powerful impact on our emotions and spiritual well-being. Drinking moon water or using it in rituals is thought to enhance our spiritual connection and promote peace and calm.

  2. Emotional Balance: Moon water is said to help balance our emotions and bring a sense of calm to our lives. It is also believed to be effective in promoting self-care and emotional healing.

  3. Physical Wellness: Moon water is believed to have a variety of physical benefits, including improving skin health, promoting healthy hair growth, and helping with digestive issues.

  4. Boosting Intuition: Drinking moon water is thought to boost intuition and enhance psychic abilities.

  5. Enhancing Manifestation: Setting an intention when creating moon water is thought to amplify the manifestation process and help bring your desires to life.

  6. Promoting Plant Growth: Spraying plants with moon water is believed to promote healthy growth and protect them from negative energy.

  7. Cleansing and Purifying: Moon water is thought to be effective in cleansing and purifying not only our bodies but also our homes and personal spaces.

How to Use Moon Water
Okay, so you made your Moon water. Now what do you do with it? Lucky you, there are many ways to use it.

Here are 21 different uses for moon water:

  1. Use as a facial toner
  2. Sprinkle on plants to promote growth
  3. Add to your bath for a relaxing soak
  4. Use as a base for herbal remedies
  5. Use in place of regular water for cooking
  6. Use as a floor wash for protection and purification
  7. Add to laundry for a boost of positive energy
  8. Use for energy cleansing of your home
  9. Use as a spiritual offering
  10. Use in spell work or rituals
  11. Use as a hand wash for a burst of positive energy
  12. Use as a mist to refresh your aura
  13. Add to drinking water for added benefits
  14. Use as a hair rinse for added shine
  15. Use in place of regular water for your pet's drinking water
  16. Use as a plant spray for healthier plants
  17. Use as a spiritual bath to cleanse and purify
  18. Use in place of regular water for your bath or shower
  19. Use to cleanse your crystals and gemstones
  20. Use as a base for your own personal fragrance
  21. Use as a spiritual elixir to bring peace and calm to your life.

How To Set An Intention With Moon Water
Setting an intention with moon water involves focusing your mind and energy on what you hope to achieve or manifest, and imbuing the water with that intention.

Here is a simple process for setting an intention with moon water:

  • Choose a clear, glass container to store your moon water.

  • Fill the container with purified or spring water, leaving enough room for the water to expand when it is charged.

  • Place the container outside under the moonlight during a full moon or a new moon. The type of moon can influence the type of energy you want to imbue in your water.

  • Take a moment to clear your mind and focus on your intention. This can be done through meditation, visualization, or simply speaking your intention out loud.

  • Hold the container and visualize your intention flowing into the water. Repeat your intention several times, either out loud or silently in your mind.

  • Leave the container outside for several hours or overnight, allowing it to absorb the moonlight and your intention.

  • When you bring the moon water back inside, seal the container and label it with your intention and the date.

Astrological Properties of Full Moon Charged Water
When it comes to making moon water, the astrological sign that the full moon is in can play a significant role in the energies it imbues. Understanding the zodiac sign of the full moon can guide you in utilizing its specific energies in your moon water practices.

It's important to note that each full moon will always be in the sister sign of the current astrological season. For instance, when it's Virgo season, the full moon will be in Pisces, and when it's Pisces season, the full moon will be in Virgo. By understanding the sister signs, you will always be able to determine which sign the full moon is in.

Using the astrological sign of the full moon in your moon water magic can bring added intention and power to your practices. For example, if the full moon is in Pisces, you may choose to incorporate themes of empathy, spirituality, and imagination into your intention-setting for your moon water. Similarly, if the full moon is in Virgo, you may focus on grounding, organization, and practicality.
Here is a glimpse into how you can incorporate the astrological sign of the full moon into your moon magic practices.
Full Moon in Aries: 
The pioneering and independent nature of Aries is heightened during this full moon. The energy of this celestial event ignites a fiery spark within, bringing to the surface emotions such as anger. During Libra season, the focus shifts towards our relationships with others and the balance we maintain in these connections. This is an opportunity to purify yourself by letting go of old grudges and bitterness, freeing yourself from any obstacles that may be preventing you from pursuing your new beginnings.

Full Moon in Taurus:
As the full moon shines on the earthy sign of Taurus, you are encouraged to focus on the physical sensations of self-love, health, and spirituality. This is a time to release stubbornness in the body, to unravel any knots of tension and let go of rigid thinking. Immerse yourself in your values and appreciate the tangible assets in your life. Taurus values stability and endurance, and this full moon is a reminder to value yourself just as much.

Full Moon in Gemini:
The sparkling full moon in the sign of Gemini highlights communication, learning and the exchange of ideas. Pay attention to the way you speak to others and how you interpret their words. Be mindful of your inner voice and the thoughts you have about yourself. The curious and active mind of Gemini is a source of inspiration and creativity, so allow yourself to explore and embrace new knowledge. Releasing any blocks or negative patterns in communication and learning will allow for growth and positivity during this time.

Full Moon in Cancer:
As the full moon rises in Cancer, a sign it is naturally connected to, you are invited to tap into your intuition and emotions. This is a time for reflection, self-care and nurturing your relationships with loved ones. The themes of home, family, and emotions will be prominent, and it's important to honor your feelings and release any blocks in these areas. With sensitivity and compassion, you can use this full moon to promote healing and forgiveness.

Full Moon in Leo:
The shining full moon in Leo is a call to action, a time to celebrate your achievements and shine bright in your life. Reflect on the areas where you truly shine and release any blocks that prevent you from radiating your full potential. This full moon is a celebration of creativity, so feel free to express yourself in new and innovative ways. Leo is a sign that values confidence, but it's important to remember that when we all shine, the world shines brighter. Avoid comparisons and let your light shine for all to see.

Full Moon in Virgo:
Virgo's critical nature shines during this full moon, offering opportunities for deep reflection and practical solutions. However, be mindful not to let the critical mind take over and instead practice compassion and forgiveness to release unhelpful habits. Emphasize on self-care and wellness, tapping into Virgo's authenticity and independence.

Full Moon in Libra:
This full moon brings a focus on harmony and love, inviting introspection on relationships and the self. Use this time to clear out what no longer serves you and cultivate more self-love and compassion. Libra's eye for beauty and detail will guide you towards finding balance.

Full Moon in Scorpio:
With Scorpio's association to death and transformation, this full moon calls for exploration of the shadow self and releasing what holds us back. Use this time to delve into mystery, spirituality, and divination for true healing and growth.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: 
Sagittarius' love for learning, philosophy, and adventure is highlighted during this full moon. Assess your relationship with these aspects of life and seek freedom to live authentically. Reflect on speaking your truth and what holds you back.

Full Moon in Capricorn:
This full moon shines a light on emotions surrounding structures and foundations in life, from material goals to relationships and spiritual practices. Reflect on the stability of these foundations and release what is holding you back from building stronger and more authentic ones.

Full Moon in Aquarius:
This full moon invites you to embrace individuality and forge your own path, making a unique impact on the collective. Detach from societal norms and let your uniqueness shine, releasing any blockages that inhibit you from doing so.

Full Moon in Pisces:
The empathetic and dreamy energies of Pisces come to the forefront during this full moon, bringing up emotions and fears. Use this time to confront discomfort and release addictions and negative patterns. Embrace spiritual activities and dream exploration.

Incorporating the astrological sign of the full moon into your moon water practices can add depth and meaning to your rituals. So, the next time you make moon water, take note of the full moon's sign and let its energies guide you.

Moon Water + Astrological Elements: Fire, Air, Earth + Water

One of the great things about creating Moon Water is that you can personalize it to your specific needs and desires.

By working with your astrological chart, you can create Moon Water that aligns with your mission and amplifies your intentions.To get started, consider using the following suggestions based on your zodiac sign and element.

Aries (Fire Sign)
To balance out your fiery nature, make Moon Water during a water sign moon. Use this water to anoint your heart, pour it over yourself in the shower, or add invigorating essential oils to it and use it as a room spray to heal and nourish your emotions.

Taurus (Earth Sign)
You are a determined fixed sign, Taurus, and making Moon Water during a fire sign moon can help you tap into your passion and power. Alternatively, create Moon Water during a water sign moon to promote relaxation and rest, which you value deeply. Use this water in a face mask, to cleanse your altar, to make invigorating fire cider, or for any other purpose that feels rejuvenating.

Gemini (Air Sign)
Gemini, you are known for your versatility and adaptability, and making Moon Water under an air sign moon can enhance these traits. For a more grounding effect, create Moon Water under an earth sign moon. Use this water to refresh your aura by spraying it around your body, or add it to your bath water to promote mental clarity and communication.

Cancer (Water Sign)
As a water sign yourself, Cancer, you may find that creating Moon Water under a water sign moon enhances your emotional and intuitive nature. Alternatively, make Moon Water under an earth sign moon for stability and grounding. Use this water for self-care rituals such as a face mist, for cleansing your home, or for adding to your tea for a calming effect.

Leo (Fire Sign)
Leo, you are known for your bold and radiant nature, and making Moon Water under a fire sign moon can amplify these traits. For a more calming effect, create Moon Water under a water sign moon. Use this water as a hair rinse, to bless your personal items, or add it to your beauty routine for a boost of confidence.

Virgo (Earth Sign)
Virgo, as an earth sign, you value organization and practicality. Creating Moon Water under an earth sign moon can reinforce these qualities, while making Moon Water under a water sign moon can promote relaxation and emotional healing. Use this water in a spray bottle for a quick pick-me-up, add it to your laundry for a fresh scent, or use it to cleanse your crystals.

Libra (Air Sign)
Libra, as an air sign, you are known for your grace and diplomacy. Making Moon Water under an air sign moon can enhance these traits, while creating Moon Water under a fire sign moon can bring more energy and excitement. Use this water in a face toner, to bless your romantic relationships, or add it to your tea for a boost of harmony and balance.

Scorpio (Water Sign)
Scorpio, as a water sign, you are deeply intuitive and emotional. Creating Moon Water under a water sign moon can enhance these qualities, while making Moon Water under a fire sign moon can bring more passion and power. Use this water for spiritual cleansing, for anointing candles for ritual work, or add it to your bath for a soothing and transformative experience.

Sagittarius (Fire Sign)
Sagittarius, you are known for your adventurous and energetic nature. Making Moon Water under a fire sign moon can amplify these traits, while creating Moon Water under a water sign moon can bring more tranquility and emotional balance. Use this water in a travel-sized spray bottle for on-the-go refreshment, for anointing your personal talismans, or for adding to your workout routine for a boost of motivation.

Capricorn (Earth Sign)
Capricorn, as an earth sign, you value hard work and stability. Creating Moon Water under an earth sign moon can reinforce these qualities, while making Moon Water under a water sign moon can bring more emotional depth and introspection. Use this water in a grounding massage oil, for cleansing your workspace, or add it to your bath for a relaxing and grounding experience.

Aquarius (Air Sign)
Aquarius, as an air sign, you are known for your independence and eccentricity. Making Moon Water under an air sign moon can enhance these traits, while creating Moon Water under a water sign moon can bring more emotional balance and intuition. Use this water in a face spray for a refreshing boost, for blessing your personal projects, or add it to your drinks for a stimulating effect.

How To Use Moon Water For Manifestation
To harness the power of the Moon for manifestation, you can imbue your Moon water with your intention. This can be achieved through drinking the Moon water or incorporating it into a spell or ritual bath.

To set your intention, follow the steps outlined previously and write it down in the present tense.

Once you have your charged Moon water, you can absorb its energy by drinking it. Alternatively, you can add it to a bath along with herbs that correspond to your intention, such as roses for love, mint for prosperity, or eucalyptus for cleansing and healing.

Another method is to use sexual energy in conjunction with the Full Moon. While engaging in sexual activity, focus on your intention and visualize it manifesting as you reach orgasm. Afterwards, drink some of the Moon water and anoint yourself on your sexual center, heart, and third eye.

How To Use Moon Water In Your Beauty Routine
Utilizing Full Moon water in your beauty regimen is a fun and creative way to incorporate lunar energy into your routine.

Use it to wash your face and welcome the Moon's blessings as you do so. When incorporating Moon water into your skincare routine, ensure that you use potable water instead of river or ocean water. Beauty is ever-changing, just like the Moon. If you have any beauty products that require water activation, use Moon water for them. You can also create a facial toner by combining organic rose petals and distilled Moon water. Get creative and let the magic of the Moon and your intuition guide you.

How To Recharge Moon Water
The process of recharging moon water involves exposing it to the moonlight again, either during a full moon or a new moon. You can also add crystals, herbs, or essential oils to the moon water to enhance its properties and recharge it. The exact process of recharging moon water may vary, as some people prefer to hold it under the moonlight for a specific amount of time or add certain ingredients. It is important to cleanse and purify the moon water before recharging it, so that it is free of any negative energies or vibrations.

How To Store Moon Water
To store moon water, it's best to use a clean, clear glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Store the water in a cool, dark place to maintain its potency. Avoid exposing the water to sunlight or other sources of heat or light, as this can weaken the energy of the moon's influence.

Some people also prefer to add a crystal to the bottle to further amplify the energy of the moon, but this is optional. When ready to use the moon water, simply shake the bottle to re-activate the energy, and then use it for rituals, spells, or simply for drinking as a refreshing and revitalizing tonic.

Moon water is a simple yet powerful tool that you can use to enhance your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. The next time there is a full moon, take some time to create your own moon water and experience the magic for yourself.

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