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How to Make a Corn Doll for Imbolic

Making a corn doll or effigy for Imbolc is a traditional way to honor the goddess Brigid and celebrate the coming of spring.

Here is one way to make a corn doll:

Materials needed:

  • A handful of dried corn husks
  • Scissors or a knife
  • Twine or string
  • Optional: beads, crystals, or other embellishments for decoration


  1. Gather a handful of dried corn husks. If you can't find corn husks, you can use wheat or other dried plants.

  2. Take one of the husks and roll it into a tube shape, securing the edges with twine or string. This will be the body of the doll.

  3. Take another husk and roll it into a smaller tube shape, this will be the head of the doll. Secure the edges with twine or string.

  4. Take two more husks and roll them into thin strips. These will be the arms of the doll.

  5. Attach the head to the body by wrapping the twine or string around the top of the body and securing it to the head.

  6. Attach the arms to the sides of the body, securing them with twine or string.

  7. Optional: you can decorate your corn doll with beads, crystals, or other embellishments, or to make it more personalized.

  8. Once you've finished, you can display your corn doll in a place of honor in your home, such as on an altar or in a window where it can be seen.

Note: you can use any material you want to make the effigy, such as yarn, fabric, etc. You can also make it in different shapes, like a snake, a figure, etc. Also, you can use different colors of materials to make it more attractive.

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