5 Must-Have Hippie Chic Scents

5 Must-Have Hippie Chic Scents

Radiate positive vibes and fill your groovy scent-sibility with earthy and herbal aromas that bring out your inner hippie. Celebrate being both hippie and chic with this collection that brings alive the free-spirited, sixties vibe or a Grateful Dead concert flashback.

Celebrate the freedom of being both hippie and chic with this fragrance that brings alive the free-spirited, sixties-style vibe! Karma Perfume is a powdery blend of patchouli, lavender, fir, orange, dragon's blood and cashmere musk, this kismet treasure is an aromatic revolution. It allows the wearer to savor a fusion of freshly cut blossoms soaked with wildly feminine wood harmonies. Give Peace, Love & Karma perfume a chance!

Smell like weed all day with this cannabis perfume. At Wicked Good, we do not involve ourselves with the politics, but with the beautiful scent of Cannabis. Slightly floral, slightly spicy, but unmistakably Cannabis, this fragrance has a deep and penetrating beauty. In typical Wicked Good fashion, this was the first Cannabis focused fragrance on the market.

The ultimate modern patchouli conjures a hypnotic depth with facets of dark mystery. This woody elixir stimulates the senses like a breath of obscurity, as deep as darkness itself. Patchouli Noir transforms the iconic raw material, famed for its rich and mysterious sensuality and its long history in perfumery, into a hypnotic, bewitching fragrance. 

The craze for the scent started in the ’60s along with the hippie movement, but the strong essence of patchouli has been used in fragrances for centuries. Native to Asia and since cultivated in tropical regions, patchouli is derived from a bushy herb of the mint family.

A rich, deliciously complex and seductive scent. Patchouli steeped in sleek wood blends with the essence of elegant white flowers to create this modern retro-classic fragrance that embodies a sophisticated interpretation of bohemian chic. Agave top notes capture attention with its sleek freshness and unfold into a floral trio, revealing intoxicating jasmine, refined muguet, and sensual geranium absolute. An alluring base of patchouli oprur delivers rich depth and mingles with tempering myrrh, dramatic incense, and golden tobacco flower for a compelling, seductive appeal.

If you love patchouli, incense, and smokey scents like a smoke shop, you'll love these earthy scents. 

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