9 Places To Find The Best Bath Bombs

9 Places To Find The Best Bath Bombs

Applying the concept of aromatherapy, fizzy bombs were created more than twenty years ago by Mo Constantine, the co-founder of Lush.The fresher they are, the faster they'll fizz, says Jack Constantine, head of product development at Lush. 

Fizz & Bubble bath time treats are handmade confections created with their special combination of eight natural oils. The blend is packed with healing properties that will leave your skin smooth, supple, relaxed and restored! 

If Lisa Frank and your favorite bakery had a baby, it would be Feeling Smitten. This bath bakery creates homemade bath products that resemble adorable, sweet treats. Ten years and a million cupcakes later, the brand is famous for their cupcake bath bombs.

Bomb Cosmetics | Bath Bombs
All of Bomb Cosmetics products are lovingly handmade thanks to our team of over 250 Bomb-er-Lomb-ers! Moulded, mixed, rolled and piped entirely by hand, our gorgeous crafters ensure that each and every product is unique, but ultimately perfect in its own little way. They make your traditional bath bombs (aka bath blasters), as well as bath creamers, soaps, bath salts and more. 

Another UK favorite, Posh Brats stocks a plethora of stunning bath bombs at reasonable prices. Found in their angelic and magical collection, the geode bath bombs are simply stunning. They're almost -- almost -- too pretty to use.

Popular Etsy shop, Zen Bath Candies features a unique collection of bath bombs. From the magical Harry Potter inspired Sorting Hat bath bomb that starts out white, but will turn your water colors to reveal which Hogwarts house you belong in. Red for Gryffindor, Blue for Ravenclaw, Yellow for Hufflepuff, and Green for Slytherin. Where does your fate lie? To the After the Rain, Rainbow bath bomb which leaves a beautiful rainbow work of art in your tub.


The brand features are variety of bath bombs in all shapes and different sizes. Bath bomb rounds from 2oz, all the way up to a large 7.5oz  and  tons of fun shapes and creative designs from donuts to snowflakes, even magical, rainbow unicorn horns for an explosion of fragrance, color, and salts. Drop one in your tub and enjoy the luxury.

The only downside of bath bomb craze? It’s made it so that bath bombs can be a hassle to get ahold of. They’re expensive, first of all — about $7.95 a pop at Lush, which is pretty pricey for just one bath — and often sell out quickly. The solution? Make your own!

Check out these DIY bath bombs that, if you’re even a little bit tempted by bath bomb trend of the moment, you probably need to try out right now: 15 Of The Coolest DIY Bath Bombs You Have To Make Today.

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