Best Back to School Breakfasts

Best Back to School Breakfasts

Summer's over. As the sun fades into the horizon and warm, sunny days morph into cool nights, it's time for back to school. 

You've filled out the gazillion forms, hit every office store within 10 miles looking for an obsolete, scientific calculator (becuase a standard one, just won't do) and the binders you bought are "ugly", it's go time.

While I'm always a bit sad this time of the year, it's nice to get back into a groove. Schedule. If you're anything like me, the first few mornings are usually a blur.  The back to school breakfasts in my house are more "grab a granola bar" vs the breakfast of champions. 

If so, hopefully this Best Back to School Breakfasts infographic will serve as inspiration. And if not, check out these 15 adorable breakfasts from moms that I secretly want to throat punch. 

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