Fruit Frenzy: Exploring the Juicy Side of Lush

Fruit Frenzy: Exploring the Juicy Side of Lush

Welcome to a world of juicy adventures. Life is too short to be bland, so why not indulge in the unexpected and the fruity? Whether you're looking for a quirky fruit-themed bath bomb to spice up your bath, a fruit-filled shower gel to awaken your senses, or a sensational fruit festival to marvel at, there's something out there for everyone. So come along and let's discover the zesty, the sweet, and the refreshing together.
  1. Happy Hippy - This grapefruit-scented shower gel is a zesty, refreshing burst of citrus that's sure to wake you up and get you going.

  2. Avocado Co-Wash - This fruity shampoo bar is made with real avocado and lime juice for a nourishing and cleansing experience that's perfect for all hair types.

  3. Plum Rain - This juicy plum-scented shower gel is a burst of fruity goodness that will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

  4. Mango Unchained - This mango-scented bath bomb is a tropical paradise in your tub, with a burst of juicy fruitiness that's sure to transport you to a sunny island.

  5. Peachy - This peach-scented bath bomb is a juicy and refreshing burst of fruitiness that's perfect for a relaxing soak.

  6. The Comforter - This blackcurrant-scented bubble bar is a fruity delight that creates a mound of fluffy bubbles in your bath.

  7. Yuzu and Cocoa - This citrusy and chocolatey shower gel is a unique and delicious blend of tangy yuzu fruit and rich cocoa.

  8. Jungle - This fresh and fruity shampoo bar is a blend of citrus and tropical fruits, with a hint of earthy vetivert to balance it out.

  9. Passion Fruit Delight - This fruity, creamy cleanse is an innovative, whipped body wash with notes of sweet orange, passion fruit and drizzled in citrus.

Savor the juicy delights that life has to offer! Whether you prefer the tangy or the sweet, the tropical or the citrusy, there's a Lush fruity adventure out there waiting for you.

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