5 Whipped Cream Scents for Summer

5 Whipped Cream Scents for Summer

If you asked us what our favorite dessert is, we might just tell you that it’s a bowl of ripe berries or peaches with a HUGE dollop of whipped cream on top.

So huge of a dollop that it might not even be called a dollop anymore.

But the point is, the gloriousness of freshly whipped cream cannot be understated.

It’s simple, has the most luxurious lightness to it, and boasts a heavenly sweet cream flavor that can’t be beat.

Try these simple scent recipes to mix and match with your favorite fruity notes for a new scent that's perfect for summertime.

This ambrosial banana cream pie is filled with lots of bananas and a creamy pudding mixture.
TRY THIS: Vanilla Banana + Whipped Cream

A berry sweet cream dish. This scent is perfect for summer entertaining. 
TRY THIS: Blackberry Vanilla + Whipped Cream

Orange cream popsicles are rich, sweet, tangy, and creamy and a throwback to an old childhood favorite.
TRY THIS: Orange Creamsicle + Whipped Cream

There's really no better combo than peaches and cream.
TRY THIS: Fig Apricot + Whipped Cream

Simply glorious ... the playful, juicy sweetness of perfectly ripe wild strawberries mixed with fresh cream.  A favorite summertime treat!
TRY THIS: Jelly Doughnut + Whipped Cream

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