The fragrance library at Wicked Good is second to none. We offer an unrivaled collection of scents: from clean and fresh to fruity, floral and everything in between.


Amber Patchouli
Apple Cinnamon
Apple Oak
Apricot Freesia
Arabian Sandalwood
Autumn Pear
Aveda Type | Euphoria
Aveda Type | Lavender
Aveda Type | Madagascar
Aveda Type | Rainforest
Aveda Type | Rosemary Mint
Aveda Type | Shampure
Aveda Type | Valenica
Baba Au Rhum
Baby Bee
Baby Powder
Banana Nut Bread
BBW Type | Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
BBW Type | Caribbean Escape
BBW Type | Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
BBW Type | Citron Cedarwood
BBW Type | Coconut Pumpkin Latte
BBW Type | Copper Coconut
BBW Type | Leaves
BBW Type | Magic in the Air
BBW Type | Marshmallow Fireside
BBW Type | Midnight for Men
BBW Type | Midnight Pomegranate
BBW Type | Oak For Men
BBW Type | Sweater Weather
BBW Type | Twisted Peppermint
BBW Type | Vermont Honey Apple
BBW Type | Winter
BBW Type | Winterberry Wonder
Beach House
Black Amber
Black Currant Rose
Black Forest
Blackberry Vanilla
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Blueberry Verbena
Bourbon Tobacco
Bum Bum
Buttered Popcorn
Cannabis Rose
Cardamom Rose
Cedar Lodge
Chakra 1
Chakra 2
Chakra 3
Chakra 4
Chakra 5
Chakra 6
Chakra 7
Cherry Blossom
Chocolate Amber
Chocolate Noir
Cinnamon Sugar
Citron Fig
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Cabana
Coconut Lemongrass
Coconut Water
Disney | Animal Kingdom Lodge
Disney | Flight of Passage
Disney | Grand Floridian
Disney | Karamell Kuche
Disney | L'Artisan des Glaces
Disney | Les Halles Macroons
Disney | Let It Go
Disney | Pirates of Caribbean
Disney | Pixie Dust
Disney | Polynesian
Disney | Rome Burning
Disney | Soaring
Disney | The Confectionary
Disney | Tiki Bar
Disney | Whipped Pineapple
Disney Halloween | Cinderella's Coach
Disney Halloween | Halloween in Kingdom
Disney Halloween | Haunted Mansion
Disney Halloween | Hocus Pocus
Disney Halloween | Wicked Apple Pie
Driftwood Sea Salt
Egyptian Musk
Flower Power
Frankincense & Myrrh
Fresh Cut Grass
Fresh Laundry
Fresh Type | Bergamot Citrus
Fresh Type | Brown Sugar
Fresh Type | Fig Apricot
Fresh Type | Pink Jasmine
Fresh Type | Sugar Blossom
Fruit Loops
Fruity Pebbles
Gin + Tonic
Golden Sands
Grapefruit Lily
Great Outdoors
Green Clover & Aloe
Halloween | 17th Century Licorice
Halloween | Abracadabra
Halloween | Absinthe
Halloween | All Hallows Eve
Halloween | Bella Gypsy
Halloween | Belladonna
Halloween | Bettle Juice
Halloween | Bitches Brew
Halloween | Black Magic
Halloween | Bohemian Halloween
Halloween | Bonfire Alchemy
Halloween | Candy Corn
Halloween | Dragons Blood
Halloween | Full Moon
Halloween | Ginger Pumpkin
Halloween | Graveyard
Halloween | Harvest Moon
Halloween | Holy Water
Halloween | Monster Mash
Halloween | Poison Apple
Halloween | Pumpkin Chai
Halloween | Pumpkin Spice
Halloween | Spider Cider
Halloween | Spirits
Halloween | Twilight Woods
Halloween | Vampire Slayer
Halloween | Voodoo
Halloween | Witches Brew
Halloween | Witching Hour
Halloween | Zombie Apocalypse
Harry Potter | Amortentia
Harry Potter | Butterbeer
Harry Potter | Chocolate Frog
Harry Potter | Floo Powder
Harry Potter | Honeydukes
Harry Potter | Magical Menagerie
Harry Potter | Platform 9 3/4
Harry Potter | Polyjuice Potion
Harry Potter | Pumpkin Juice
Harry Potter | Sleeping Draught
Hay Bale
Herbal Essences
Holiday | Calypso Rum Cake
Holiday | Candy Cane Crunch
Holiday | Chocolate Snowflakes
Holiday | Christmas Morning
Holiday | Christmas Thyme
Holiday | Comfort & Joy
Holiday | Cookie Exchange
Holiday | Cool Yule
Holiday | Cranberry Woods
Holiday | Egg Nog
Holiday | Fruitcake
Holiday | Gingerbread
Holiday | Happy Always
Holiday | Holiday Magic
Holiday | Holiday Spirits
Holiday | Hollyberry Sundae
Holiday | Holy Smoke
Holiday | Joy, Peace, and Love
Holiday | Kauai Christmas
Holiday | Merry & Bright
Holiday | Merry Everything
Holiday | Merry Mocha
Holiday | Midnight Mass
Holiday | Mistletoe Kiss
Holiday | Northpole
Holiday | Secret Santa
Holiday | Silent Night
Holiday | Sleigh Ride
Holiday | Snow
Holiday | Sugar Plum Fairy
Holiday | White Christmas
Holiday | Winter Wonderland
Holiday | Zen Christmas
Honey Almond
Jane Austen | Emma
Jane Austen | Mansfield Park
Jane Austen | Northanger Abbey
Jane Austen | Persuasion
Jane Austen | Pride & Prejudice
Jane Austen | Sense & Sensibility
Jelly Donut
Jo Malone Type | Birch Black Pepper
Jo Malone Type | Black Cedarwood & Juniper
Jo Malone Type | Blackberry Bay
Jo Malone Type | Blue Agava & Cacao
Jo Malone Type | French Lime Blossom
Jo Malone Type | Honeysuckle Jasmine
Jo Malone Type | Lime Basil Mandarin
Jo Malone Type | Mimosa & Cardamom
Jo Malone Type | Nectarine Blossom
Jo Malone Type | Orange Blossom
Jo Malone Type | Peony & Blush Suede
Jo Malone Type | Pomegranate Noir
Jo Malone Type | Vanilla Anise
Jo Malone Type | White Jasmine Mint
Jo Malone Type | Wild Fig & Cassis
Jo Malone Type | Wood Sage Sea Salt
Lavender Baie
Lavender Chamomile
Lavender Noir
Lemongrass Tea
Licorice Absolute
Love | Always & Forever
Love | Bombshell
Love | Charmed
Love | Cherie
Love | Coquette
Love | Crush
Love | Cupids Arrow
Love | Hot Pink
Love | II.XIV
Love | Love
Love | Love Potion
Love | Rose Rogue
Love | Scandal
Love | Tease
Love | Voluptuous
Love | XOX
Luck | Celtic Voodoo
Luck | Four Leaf Clover
Luck | Good Luck
Luck | Guinness Stout
Luck | Hot Totty
Luck | Irish Creme Mocha
Luck | Leprechaun Tea
Luck | Lucky Bamboo
Luck | Lucky Mojo
Luck | Mojito
Luck | Over the Rainbow
Luck | Pot of Gold
Luck | Shooting Star
Luck | Watercress & Aloe
Luck | XVII
Lush Type | 1001 Kisses
Lush Type | 25:43
Lush Type | 29 High Street
Lush Type | American Cream
Lush Type | Avobath
Lush Type | Bathos
Lush Type | Black Pearl
Lush Type | Black Pheonix
Lush Type | Brightside
Lush Type | Candy Fluff
Lush Type | Day of the Dead
Lush Type | Death & Decay
Lush Type | Devils Nightcap
Lush Type | Dirty
Lush Type | Fire Tree
Lush Type | Floating Island
Lush Type | Flying Fox
Lush Type | Honey I Washed the Kids
Lush Type | Inhale
Lush Type | Karma
Lush Type | Lord Misrule
Lush Type | Olive Branch
Lush Type | Outback Mate
Lush Type | Porridge
Lush Type | Rock Star
Lush Type | Rose Jam
Lush Type | Sakura
Lush Type | Sex Bomb
Lush Type | Snap the Whip
Lush Type | Snow Fairy
Lush Type | Snowcake
Lush Type | Soft Coeur
Lush Type | Supernova
Lush Type | Twilight
Lush Type | Vanilliary
Mahogany Teakwood
Mandarin Myrrh
Mercury Retrograde
Moroccan Oil
Mountain Homme
Nag Champa
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Old Books
Orange Creamsicle
Palo Santo
Pink Sugar
Play With Fairies
Pot Brownie
Ride A Unicorn
Rose Quartz
Sacred Smudge
Salted Caramel
Santal 26
Santal 33
Sea Island Grapefruit
Skinny Dip
Sour Patch Kids
Space Cake
Spellbox | Boy Toy
Spellbox | Cold Hard Cash
Spellbox | He's the One
Spellbox | Movin' On
Spellbox | Prince Charming
Spellbox | Rocky Road
Spellbox | Soulmate
Spellbox | Temptress
Spellbox | Threes A Crowd
Spellbox | Tie the Knot
Spiced Cider
Spring Break
Starship Enterprise
Sugared Violets
Suntan Lotion
Sweet Pea
Swim With Mermaids
Tabac + Leather
Tahitian Vanilla
Tobacco Caramel
Upside Down
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Coconut
Vanilla Fig
Vanilla Noir
Vanilla Oak
Vanille Apricot
Vanille Banana
Vanille Lavender
Watermelon Basil
Whipped Cream
Wizard of Oz | Emerald City
Wizard of Oz | Lollipop Guild
Wizard of Oz | No Place Like Home
Wizard of Oz | Over the Rainbow
Wizard of Oz | Ruby Slippers
Wizard of Oz | The Wizard
Wizard of Oz | Wicked Witch
Wizard of Oz | Yellow Brick Road
Wonderland | Cheshire Cat
Wonderland | Curiouser Curiouser
Wonderland | Looking Glass
Wonderland | Mad Tea Party
Wonderland | Queen of Hearts
Wonderland | Roses Red
Wonderland | Tweedledee Tweesledum
Wonderland | White Rabbit
Zodiac | Aquarius
Zodiac | Aries
Zodiac | Cancer
Zodiac | Capricorn
Zodiac | Gemini
Zodiac | Leo
Zodiac | Libra
Zodiac | Pisces
Zodiac | Sagittarius
Zodiac | Scorpio
Zodiac | Taurus
Zodiac | Virgo

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