Scent Menu | Winter 2020

I might be in the minority here, but I love winter. Well, let me clarify: I love the idea of winter. I don’t like being cold, but I will go to great lengths to create cozy vibes (like, keeping my window open all winter so I can hibernate under several layers of blankets). And the best part? Winter is peak candle season, with tons of wintry scents to choose from and an actual reason to light them (darkness!). 

Bayberry + Spice
First made by early colonists who boiled real bayberries to get the wax, bayberry candles are considered by many to be the original scented candles in America. Because they were difficult and expensive to make, they were highly prized and reserved for special occasions.

Tradition holds that when one receives a bayberry candle as a gift from a friend, then burns the candle on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve (allowing candle to burn itself out), they will receive good luck, good health, and much wealth.

Blackberry + Vanilla
Blackberry + Vanilla combines naturally grown blackberries picked at the height of the season gently sheared with a bourbon vanilla note. This divine fragrance continues with a hint of bergamot modified by green fruit and berry notes. Sweet vanilla and jasmine complete this intoxicating blend.

Custom Blend
Hand-poured, on demand; let our resident mixtress do her thing. This is a totally unique and secret blend, Smells Like scent. You'll get a sticker on the bottom of your candle featuring the notes within. 

Pine + Citrus

Fresh citrus adds sparkle to this winter delight of crisp pine needles, sweet fir balsam and warm cedar. Hints of spiced apple add sweetness to the blend while clear musky undertones create lingering sweetness. 

Mahogany + Teakwood
Green, citrus and fruit top notes with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily middle notes enhanced by sweet woody musky bottom notes.

Peppermint + Vanilla
A delightfully fresh gourmand fragrance, Twisted Peppermint is a wonderful addition to your holiday beauty routine. This scent opens with fresh, sweet peppermint, spun with a blend of cool mint and white sugar in a base of vanilla, musk and balsam. A memorable, holiday scent.