Get Ready to Embark on a Fragrant Adventure
Greetings from the heart of Chicago, where creativity meets craftsmanship at Wicked Good. We're a close-knit tribe of fragrance enthusiasts, led by a powerhouse of women who live and breathe the art of perfume. Imagine a place where every scent tells a story, and every bottle holds a world of imagination. That's us, your new BFFs in the enchanting realm of clean, consciously crafted fragrance.

Why Wicked Good? Let's Spritz Through the Reasons:
- Small Batches, Big Dreams: We cherish the beauty of handcrafted precision. Offering small minimums, we're all about making your fragrance fantasy a reality, one exquisite batch at a time.

- A Library of Aromas: With over 1200 fragrances in our fragrance library, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. Whether you desire to delve into our existing collection or craft a signature scent, we're here to blend your dreams into reality.

- Consciously Crafted: Proudly women-owned and operated, we stand by our ethos of certified cruelty-free and vegan practices. Our Chicago studio is a testament to our commitment to quality + kindness.

- Extrait de Parfum: The essence of luxury fragrance. Dive into the world of Extrait de Parfum, the zenith of fragrance concentration. With an oil concentration of 20-40%, prepare for an olfactory journey that lasts + impresses.

Your Canvas Awaits:
- Flacon: Choose from our exquisite 1oz Lune style square glass flacon or the 1.7oz & 3.4oz Soleil glass flacon, crafted in Italy with a heavy bottom base. Gold sprayers come as standard, with black + silver available as special order.

- Sampler: A tantalizing teaser, our sampler of 5 x 5mL Perfume Sprays at $35.00, is your ticket to a sensory exploration.

- Minimum: Your first order only requires a $350 investment: a minimum of 18 pieces: three fragrances, 6 of each style.

- Personalize: With our customizable templates, your brand can shine through. Update fonts, colors, or upload your artwork to make each bottle uniquely yours.

- Swift Scents: Our current production turnaround time of 3-5 business days, which means your dream scents are just a whiff away from reality.

Let's Create Magic Together:
Imagine a world where your brand's essence is captured in a bottle, where every spritz tells your story. At Wicked Good, we're more than perfume manufacturers; we're your creative partners in the fragrant journey of a lifetime.

Ready to turn your scented visions into tangible delights? Let's chat.

Spritzing joy and creativity your way,

xox Wicked Good

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