Olfactive Families

Fragrances are categorized into various olfactive families, each with unique characteristics and notes. Here's a closer look at these families:

Aromatic Fragrance Family
Aromatic fragrances feature fresh green accords like thyme, rosemary, tarragon, or mint, often blended with citrus and spicy notes to create fuller, more complex scents.

Chypre Fragrance Family
Chypre, named after the island of Cyprus, is known for its mossy, woody base. It typically combines sharp patchouli and oakmoss with citrus notes, resulting in a distinctive and sophisticated aroma.

Citrus Fragrance Family
Citrus fragrances are composed of oils from lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, or mandarin zest. These scents add fresh, clean, and bright top notes to a fragrance, making them lively and invigorating.

Floral Fragrance Family
The largest family, florals, are at the heart of many compositions. They can be enhanced with green, aldehydic, fruity, powdery, or spicy nuances, offering a diverse range of scents from delicate to bold.

Fougère Fragrance Family
Fougère, named after the French word for fern, includes green and aromatic herbal scents. Common Fougere notes are lavender, oakmoss, citrus, and woods, making these fragrances popular in men's scents.

Fresh Fragrance Family
Clean, invigorating, and airy scents that evoke purity and energy. These fragrances include notes of crisp greens, aquatic elements, and citrus, often enhanced by light florals and herbs. Ideal for daytime wear, fresh fragrances are bright, vibrant, and rejuvenating, perfect for those who enjoy a natural and effortless elegance.

Fruity Fragrance Family
Known for its sweet, juicy, and vibrant scents that capture the essence of fresh, ripe fruits. These fragrances often feature notes of berries, apples, peaches, and tropical fruits, creating a lively and playful aroma. Fruity fragrances are perfect for adding a touch of fun and zest to your day, making them ideal for casual and warm-weather wear. They bring a sense of youthful energy and cheerfulness to any occasion.

Gourmand Fragrance Family
The Gourmand Fragrance Family is characterized by rich, edible scents that evoke the aroma of delectable treats. These fragrances often feature notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and various spices, creating a warm and indulgent aroma. Gourmand fragrances are perfect for adding a cozy and sweet touch to your day, making them ideal for colder weather and evening wear. They bring a sense of comfort and irresistible allure to any occasion.
Leather Fragrance Family
Originally developed to mask the smell of tanned leather, modern leather fragrances feature smoky, woody, tobacco, and honey notes, creating a rich, leathery aroma.

Marine Fragrance Family
The Marine Fragrance Family captures the essence of the ocean with clean, airy, and aquatic scents. These fragrances often feature notes of sea salt, seaweed, and fresh air, evoking a sense of coastal freshness and tranquility. Ideal for those who love the smell of the sea, marine fragrances are perfect for daytime wear, bringing a refreshing and invigorating touch to any occasion.

Spice / Resin Fragrance Family
Traditionally characterized by a strong amber presence, today's spice / resinous fragrances include exotic herbs and spices like musk, vanilla, and resins, offering a warm, sensual, and heady scent.

Woody Fragrance Family
Woody fragrances are based on warm, opulent, or dry woods like sandalwood and cedar. These scents often include additional notes of fruits, florals, herbs, and spices, creating a rich and multifaceted aroma.