Scented Horoscopes April 2021 | Wicked Good

Scented Horoscopes April 2021 | Wicked Good

On the 3rd of this month, Mercury will be entering your sign in the 1st house of personality, identity and the physical body. This is a good month to get things done. Mercury is fast-moving and likes quick travels. There will be a lot of energy to learn and communicate. Take a course or learn a skill. You can state clearly and directly what you need from others and be well-received for public speaking or broadcasting through any form of media.

The opportunity to turn your ideas into worthy skills can take some finesse. Use the boost of energy you’ll gain during this transit with Outback Mate.

On the 3rd, the planet Mercury will be in Aries in your 12th house that deals with the subconscious, dreams, and solidarity. This is a good time to reflect on your circumstances and behaviors that could be obstacles towards progress. Mercury is the planet of information and it’s important to pay attention to your dreams to get information about lessons learned from the past and healing methods. This is a good month to heal the mind with meditation.

Joyful and magical moments are uplifted with the utmost importance and will bring in new insights when you use 29 High Street for healing and peace all month long.

Mercury in Aries is entering your 11th house of networking, friends, long-range goals and social activism on the 3rd. Mercury here wants to hang out and be social. You’ll be reconnecting with friends and organizations to communicate about your hopes and dreams. This is a good month to bring awareness to social causes you are involved in by using social media, blogging, podcasting or other forms of media.

Floating Island encourages you to re-envision your scent self-care to elevate your vibration from meager to a sweet escape while doing away with unease as you strengthen your friend groups this month.

On the 3rd, Mercury will be in Aries this month in your 10th house of public status, reputation, noticeable achievements and career. Your mind is on your long-term goals and legacy. This is a good month for interviews or pitching ideas to decision-makers. Communicating your ideas through different forms of media can be well-received. Also, expressing your ideas to authority figures can go over well because you are more sure of your them and the way you come across to others.

Black Pearl is an edgy aroma with lavender absolute and chamomile combined with notes of olibanum oil and salty seaweed. The scent promotes exhilaration and transcendence so you can surpass the limits in your mind.

Mercury is moving this month on the 3rd into the sign of Aries, that will be occurring in your 9th house of optimism, fortunate situations and wisdom. Your mind is on spirituality and your personal beliefs. You may want to pursue higher degrees of education because you will feel a desire to know more or become specialized. You can teach or share information with others that come across as more meaningful.

Brightside is refreshing with strong and sweet citrusy notes that provide a clean and zesty aroma. It is a mingle that’ll charm the Universe to offer favorable interests and opportunities.

Mercury in Aries is entering your 8th house this month on the 3rd. The area of your life that deals with intimate relationships, joint resources, and trust; Mercury is allowing you to get to the core of things by investigating and researching. It’s a good time for budgeting, taxes and dealing with debts. Don’t reveal hidden information until you have all the facts.

A genuine, yet energizing scent mixture exists to harmonize any type of close relationship that requires deep trust- Exhale perfume.

Mercury will be in Aries on the 3rd in your 7th house that represents one-to-one relationships, contracts, relating to others, marriage and partnerships. With Mercury here you want to work on having better communication and analyzing if your relationships are important based on your ability to communicate with your partners. This is the time to be diplomatic in your communication in partnerships.

Spray and dispense spicy Fire Tree. This flawless, purposefully composed scent will awaken your senses to a divine paradise as you become irresistible to partners and lovers.

In the area of life that expresses daily routines, hygiene, co-workers and schedules, Mercury is in your 6th house in the sign of Aries. On the 3rd, you can make things happen in your workplace. You will probably communicate better with co-workers or employees. It’ll also be easy to talk and learn about health. Short, work-related travels can happen during this month.

Yuzu & Cocoa is bliss and radiance expressed as fragrance manifestation, carrying vivacious yuzu and irresistible cocoa that’ll coax delight and admiration moods all month long.

In the 5th house of children, creativity, entrepreneurship and romance, Mercury, in the sign of Aries, is here on the 3rd this month. This is a good time to be expressive in your communication. Writing and sharing poetry or fiction can be well-received. You can be light-hearted and playful in your communication making you come off as entertaining to others.

Good times are boundless with imagination. Transport yourself to a beach at sunset and experience Skinny Dip,  real in a way that is classic and supreme.

On the 3rd, Mercury in Aries is entering your 4th house of home, family, and emotional security. This is a good month for connecting with family-members, especially siblings. You may notice more communication about the past and nostalgic memories coming up. Your words can have an emotional impact on others. How you say things means more than what you say this month.

The Comforter is more than an ordinary mix of scent notes. It is a delicious fruity floral fragrance that is comforting and evocative and makes your loved ones want to stay close all month long.

The planet Mercury is in Aries on the 3rd of the month in your 3rd house that deals with commuting, learning, and education. You can have a garage sale or sell your possessions online since Mercury rules transactions and commerce as well. This is a good month to take a course or learn a new skill because you can absorb a lot of information at this time. Share information and keep an open mind about where your sources come from.

You are knowledgeable and enlightened. And The Breath of God maintains your inner light in a luscious and decadent scent.

On the 3rd, the planet Mercury is in the sign of Aries in the 2nd house asking how can you monetize your knowledge. What do you want to begin learning that’ll develop into a stream of income? You get to learn and practice financial literacy and budgeting this month in a way that involves others such as learning through live streams, forums, and social media groups. If you are planning on making an important purchase, you want to gather information about it before you buy.

Vanilliary is the fragrance that will surprise you with its absolutely modern simplicity. Its crisp and clean pleasant smell provides an infinite clean that’s set out to heighten your daily comfort levels and fragrance ritual.

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