Looking for a private label fragrance for your brand, boutique or special event? Wicked Good can help create your signature fragrance at an affordable price with low minimums.

Help expand your brand by offering your customers a branded fragrance that will elevate your brand awareness, create brand loyalty and set you apart from your competitors.

Create a fragrance that has your signature and style. Turn your desire of owning your own fragrance into reality with our private label / white label manufacturing.

Previously private label perfumes and fragrances were only available to global design houses, but now Wicked Good has made the ability for companies to have their own private label.

Your private label fragrance can help: 

  • Enhance your brand, company, or event with a unique accent! 
  • Be Unforgettable! Thanks to olfactory memory, your brand's signature scent will always be there to remind people of you.
  • Grow Revenue! With one of the highest margin products you can buy directly from us, the manufacturer.

    What are you waiting for? Let's get started today

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