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Will Scream For Ice Cream... Perfumes

Daydreams + Ice Cream. Celebrate International Ice Cream Day on July 18th with a delightful twist—our exclusive Ice Cream perfume collection! Inspired by the top ice cream flavors curated by Jackandbeyond.com, our collection captures the essence of your favorite treats, perfect for summer indulgence.

Based on Instagram hashtags, these are the most beloved ice cream flavors, now transformed into irresistible fragrances:

  • Vanilla: 439,108 hashtags
  • Matcha: 315,714 hashtags
  • Chocolate: 301,979 hashtags
  • Coconut: 184,669 hashtags
  • Strawberry: 152,029 hashtags
  • Banana: 133,179 hashtags
  • Mango: 97,809 hashtags
  • Oreo: 81,290 hashtags
  • Coffee: 59,736 hashtags
  • Pistachio: 52,118 hashtags
  • Ube: 35,414 hashtags
  • Cookie Dough: 27,859 hashtags
  • Avocado: 26,748 hashtags
  • Mint: 23,899 hashtags
  • Pumpkin: 21,405 hashtags
  • Cotton Candy: 19,050 hashtags
  • Salted Caramel: 18,827 hashtags
  • Bubble Gum: 18,523 hashtags
  • Peanut Butter: 18,229 hashtags
  • Blueberry: 18,147 hashtags

Sweet flavors dominate the list, with favorites like Cookie Dough, Cookies + Cream, Cotton Candy, Salted Caramel, Bubble Gum, and Peanut Butter highlighting our love for gourmand delights.

In addition to these classics, the list also explores unexpected and intriguing scents inspired by flavors that are slowly gaining popularity:

  • Lobster: 955 hashtags
  • Sweetcorn: 1,812 hashtags
  • Olive Oil: 2,262 hashtags
  • Basil: 2,545 hashtags
  • Garlic: 4,495 hashtags
  • Bacon: 6,242 hashtags

Can't decide on just one flavor? Opt for our personal favorite, Banana Split! Combining the luscious scents of banana, chocolate, and strawberry, this fragrance is the perfect way to indulge in the ultimate ice cream treat without the calories.

You can also mix and match! Take our French Vanilla and combine it with almost any of our fragrances to create a gourmand delight that's uniquely yours. Celebrate International Ice Cream Day with our Ice Cream perfumes and enjoy the sweet indulgence of your favorite flavors in a whole new way.

Embrace the nostalgia and whimsy of ice cream with our Ice Cream perfume collection, bringing the sweetness of your favorite flavors to your everyday scent. We have the largest collection of ice cream fragrances, ensuring there's a perfect scent for everyone. Ice cream fragrances are a sensory experience like no other. Explore our collection and make every day a celebration of summer’s sweetest treats.

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