If your skin is lacking luster, a good scrub can restore its radiance and freshness. Our body scrubs use natural exfoliants such as salt, ground walnuts, and charcoal instead of harmful plastic microbeads.

With a variety of textures and effects, it can be tricky to choose the perfect one for you. Consider the intensity of the scrub, the part of your body being targeted, and how often you plan to use it.

For delicate areas like the face, opt for gentle exfoliators that use natural ingredients such as finely ground almonds or maize flour.

Like It Rough?
If you’re looking for a product with a coarser texture, our Sea Salt Glow is a bestseller for a reason. Its unique blend of coarse and fine sea salt helps to remove dry skin from your toughest areas such as elbows and leaves them looking smooth and soft. Plus, the virgin coconut oil adds a brightening effect to give you a glowing complexion.

Walnut shells, almonds, sugar, and coffee
If you need a more intense scrub, try one of our custom products that contain coconut shells, almonds, rice, or aduki beans. Walnut Body Polish is a new option that uses ground walnut shells, rosehip seed oil, and aloe to soften and hydrate your skin. Another option is our Butter Scrub, a newfangled  favorite that uses sugar in a creamy cocoa and shea butter base to moisturize and exfoliate at the same time.

For Extra Tough Areas
Pumice power for rougher areas such as elbows and heels, we recommend Down + Dirty Foot Scrub. The pumice powder is effective at buffing away dead skin and transforming rough skin into a soft texture. This scrub also contains arnica to refresh and revive your soles.

Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye
Lip Scrubs If your lips are feeling dry or cracked, try one of our lip scrubs. Made with castor and sugar as the first ingredient, they will help to keep your lips smooth and soft. And the best part? Simply lick off the delicious flavor once you’re done.

Need More Help?
If you need more guidance in finding the right scrub for you, drop us a message or book a consultation to learn more about our natural exfoliants and body scrubs.

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