7 Freshly Picked Fruity Scents

7 Freshly Picked Fruity Scents

Freshly Picked! Bring home the harvest with juicy scents inspired by farmer's market faves. 

Combinations of the uplifting aromas of late summer peaches, sweet strawberries and crisp red apples with just the right amount of spice. This spring you’ll be sniffing scents plucked fresh from a farmer’s market. What makes them so appealing, so covetable? The fresh, fruity fragrances are complex and balanced: something you can really sink your nose into.

Blackberry Vanilla
Blackberry, Raspberry, Madonna Lily, Muguet, Plum, Jasmine, Bergamot, Vanilla, Musk.

Blueberry Verbena
Ripe Blueberry, Lemon Verbena, Mara Strawberry, Pear, Violet Leaves, Japanese Lilac, Musks.

Fig Apricot
Turkish Apricot, Peach Skin, Lychee, Fig Leaf, Petitgrain, Dandelion, Green Tea, Musk, Marine Notes.

Red Currant Thyme
Red Currant, Rhubarb, Pink Cyclamen, Thyme, Vanilla Bean, Cashmere Musk.

Nectarine Blossom + Honey
Cassis, Acacia Honey, Peach.

Watermelon Basil
Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, Basil, Vanilla Bean, Cashmere Musk, Powder.

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