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3 Best Fragrance Notes for Capricorns

Capricorns are the diligent stars of the zodiac. They are disciplined, possess excellent self-control and keep things both well-organized and on track. However, they can also be irritated easily and may come off as ones who are impossible to please.

Ruled by Saturn - the celestial ruler of time, discipline, and responsibility - they have excellent leadership and time-management skills. Spontaneity does not come naturally to them, making Capricorns the most meticulous planners among the zodiac signs.

The celestial being who can Do It All needs a scent (or three) to remind them that they don’t have to always carry the weight of the galaxy on their shoulders.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Here are top three fragrance notes that match your sign, Capricorn! 

Cedarwood - like a sturdy and majestic tree, woody scents such as cedarwood evoke a sense of grounding and stability, perfect for the disciplined and responsible Capricorn.

Try this scent: Citron Cedarwood

Dirt - like a rich and fertile soil, earthy scents with notes like petrichor, moss or vetiver evoke a sense of connection to nature and the earth, fitting for the practical and hardworking Capricorn. 

Try this scent: Dirt

Nutmeg - like a warm and cozy fire on a cold winter night, spicy scents such as nutmeg evoke a sense of warmth, depth, and complexity, fitting for the ambitious and determined Capricorn.

Try this scent: Grey Vetiver

A Capricorn should go for a perfume that is earthy, grounding, and practical, with notes of woody, earthy, and spicy scents that will match their determined and hardworking nature. 

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What does Capricorn smell like? 

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